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There is much talk of two wheels as the frontier of sustainability to decongest city traffic to the sound of electric scooters and bicycles. But there is also the dimension of the bike linked to trips of one or more days. To do motorbike tourism it means leaving to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers wandering through streets, cities, towns and places to discover the immense heritage of history and culture of nations.

The motorbike tourism in Italy o Europe is an alternative way of traveling that considers departure the beginning of the holiday. The dimension of the motorcycle trip is the peculiar aspect, a pleasure for the mind and a leisure that involves all the senses. On two wheels which roads to take, which stops to take and which particular or typical refreshment places should you prefer? Is it better to rely on the advice of motorcyclist friends, guides or let yourself be guided by instinct?


Motorcycle travel

The motorbike tourism it is a fascinating way to experience the dimension of the traveler enjoying landscapes made of images, sounds and smells. A motorcycle trip is synonymous with freedom and adventure between curves, climbs, hairpin bends and even rain and wind on easy or more risky itineraries. Roads, environments, landscapes and panoramas are the absolute protagonists of holidays lived in the open air following the personal rhythms, letting oneself be involved in suggestions.

To get in motorcycle trip the important thing is to be in good health, have a good vehicle, be equipped for any eventuality. To better enjoy the adventure on two wheels, you need to find out about the weather conditions, any adverse conditions and take some simple precautions. To face long journeys it may be essential to have good shape and physical stamina.

From the physical point of view traveling by motorbike it involves all major muscle groups and to some extent the cardiovascular system as well. Even without wanting to compete but rather preferring a relaxing and peaceful pace, the upper limbs must hold the handlebars steady while the lower ones are used in curves and when the vehicle is stationary. In all cases, motorbike tourism is in itself a training for the body and the mind.

Benefits of motorcycle tourism

There are a number of reasons that make the motorcycle trips a source of well-being. Certainly the thrill of travel, the discovery of new places or the thrill of unknown roads help to dispel stress together with the fact of being exposed to the air and the sun. That motorcyclists are positive people, healthy and happy is also confirmed by a study funded by Harley-Davidson carried out by the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior in 2017.

According to research traveling by motorcycle already after a few minutes the stress hormone cortisol decreases by 28%, while the heart rate increases by 11% and adrenaline by 27%. The mental benefits don’t stop there. Motorbike tourism stimulates resilience, forces you to face and solve problems but also to reflect on principles and values. In short, it helps to understand who we are and what objectives we want to achieve.

Self traveling by motorbike reduces stress and keeps the brain in excellent condition by stimulating creativity, touring is a form of low intensity training perfect at any age that strengthens the muscles, improves posture and makes you lose weight. With a motorcycle trip you burn about 600 calories per hour. Finally, upon returning from a motorcycle trip, memories will never tire of making us happy.

Motorcycle for traveling

For do motorbike tourism you don’t need a particularly fast or powerful motorcycle, but it must be reliable for safety reasons and more. There are mechanics in every part of Europe but certainly in the event of a breakdown the expense away from home could be greater. If the two-wheeler is new or just a few years old, it just needs to be serviced and that it has passed all the checks.

In the case of an older vehicle, before leaving, it is best to go to a trusted workshop to make all the necessary checks regarding oil and fluids, filters, belts, shock absorbers, brakes, bulbs and tires. As for theequipment of the motorcyclist obviously depends on the climate, but it must be considered that even in the height of summer you can tackle alpine passes with snow.

For motorbike trips it is necessary to buy a jacket and trousers with protections, a waterproof waterproof suit, gloves, high shoes or boots and of course a full-face helmet. The bags on the motorcycle must contain all the spare parts and any double layers necessary in case you travel in cold seasons or in countries with the risk of frequent rains.

Motorbike tourism itineraries

The motorbike tourism itineraries they are not exclusive to motorcycles but it is clear that traveling by car does not have the same charm. Certainly for those traveling on two wheels the provincial roads are to be preferred over the highways because they allow you to enjoy the environment and history of the countries crossed. The small streets go straight into the cities and open to any direction. A road can entice you to stop and allow the traveler time to experiment with known or lesser known itineraries.

Mototurismodoc Motorcycle itineraries, motorbike tourism on maps through the Italian regions and videos for lovers of motorcycle adventure in the rest of the world. Careful description with technical information on the way to go. Kilometers, maximum height between climbs, curves and panoramic and passing scenarios. Motorcycle rallies in Italy and abroad, news, routes and accommodations recommended by those who have already experienced the experience of a holiday on two wheels in Italy and abroad. Possibility of discounts in hotels, farmhouses, dedicated bed & breakfasts with last minute offers

Viaggi in moto Magazine in print and digital version that offers journeys through unpublished tourist itineraries, to discover Japan, Ireland and America. The organization is entrusted to Mototurismo which provides the means and takes care of the practical accommodation. The customer just has to devote himself to driving and the pleasures of discovering the most evocative landscapes. In the rest of the magazine it is possible to find other possibilities to define a weekend and an independent holiday in Italy and in the world. Technical advice on clothing and tools varies with the description of some of the models of road and off-road motorcycles

Motorbike itineraries The passion for motorcycles animates the portal which aims to inform and share the experiences of the public on the main routes in Italy. Precise indications and descriptions of the entire tour including cultural and seasonal events (specialties of the area and artistic visits) are provided by an interactive map. Possibility of using GPS and information on accommodation facilities in each Italian region. Updated news on motorcycle rallies also in Europe

Hairpin bends Site dedicated to those who love to wander up and down the Alps and the Apennines on a motorbike. Travel reports documented by photographs and stories of those who have experienced the experience firsthand, from the author to the user: detailed maps and descriptions of the various stages

Motorcycle touring guides

There feeling of freedom it is the first travel companion for motorbike trips. In motorcycle tourism, the pleasure of moving becomes a way to observe the environment and the changes in the landscape. There are routes suitable for every type of motorcyclist, itineraries of one or more days or for long journeys. In the stops there are those who are satisfied with a simple camping for accommodation, while those are looking for a luxury hotel with all the comforts. It is not just a question of price but also of mentality.

TrueRiders A practical and essential guide to planning a travel tour in Italy, Europe and the world. Passes, lakes, valleys towards the sea or the mountains, you will be spoiled for choice. Pictures, descriptions of the itinerary define the spirit of the trip that makes use of useful information to appreciate the place and its traditions. The video example joins the route map. There is no shortage of advice on motorcycle clothing and accessories to always have with you for any eventuality.

Motorbike roads A simple tool within the reach of all lovers of motorcycle travel that allows you to know and share new itineraries. A simple description is accompanied by a complete map of the stages with mileage and useful time. The video provides additional information to describe the landscape presented from the motorbike driver’s point of view.

Federmoto The Italian Motorcycle Federation has a tradition behind it that dates back to 1946: it has a wealth of experience with articles for those who love the world of motorcycles. Off-road, speed, vintage, motorcycle rallies and motorsport with marathons, grand tours, motorcycle events for all motorcycle and moped enthusiasts who wish to follow the main events around Italy.

Michelin The Michelin guide remains the traditional tool for those who love to calculate routes on roads and motorways. Especially for motorcyclists who grind kilometers after kilometers and hardly stop.

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