Interview with: Christian Grandi | Managing Director of Motor Power Company

Family-run businesses represent a fundamental element of the Italian economic fabric and many of them have managed to position themselves on international markets by leveraging the ability to combine managerial skills, quality and innovation. This column guides us to discover some excellences of our economic fabric by going to tell how these realities have faced the challenges of the market, enhancing their ability to innovate and renew themselves. Within this journey to discover the most innovative family businesses in Italy, we met Christian Grandi by Motor Power Company.

We are in a territory whose name immediately evokes the most famous Italian gastronomic product in the world, but which also represents the cradle of the Made in Italy mechatronic district, you guessed it? The origins of this district can be traced back to the Officine Meccaniche Reggiane, as pointed out by the president of the Mechatronic Group of Unindustria of Reggio Emilia, Alberto Rocchi, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to the Reggiane and inspired by the volume edited by Franco Mosconi and Lorenzo Ciapetti:

“In the book we follow the parable of the Officine Reggiane and witness the birth of those start-ups of the 1950s that have transformed into today’s mechatronic companies. The industriousness of Reggio emerges, the “desire to work”, which manifests itself in the ability to undertake, to innovate even in the face of difficulties, in the courage to set out to conquer foreign markets. ”

It is precisely in this traditional ability to innovate even in the face of difficulties that the Motor Power Company, born in 1989 from the vision of the founder Stefano Grandi and led today by his sons Christian and Giampaolo, fits.

A capacity that proved to be fundamental on 21 April 2020, when Covid 19 had recently disrupted our lives and from the IIT – Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa – and from the University of Ferrara the request to produce the respirator arrives pulmonary DIEGO (Device for Inspiration and Expiration, Gravity Operated) according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health. It is a low-cost yet reliable respirator that can also be used in developing countries with difficulties in accessing more sophisticated medical equipment. Its timely production can save thousands of lives.

Hi Christian, what was your role in making Diego?

We deal with automation, the market recognizes the reliability of our products, our flexibility and the ability to make effective resolutions.

Precisely for this reason, in an excited and confused moment like the one that accompanied the beginning of the pandemic from Covid 19, one of our long-time customers thought of our motors to operate the Diego respirator. A respirator for forced ventilation of patients with severe respiratory insufficiency. A project developed by the IIT of Genoa and the University of Ferrara and SCM Group, which had to be carried out in a very short time.
And so we modified one of our standard motors in a few hours to allow the revolutionary respirator to function perfectly at a crucial moment.

How has the management of the company evolved in this second generation?

Thanks to the imprinting with which we were born – technical capacity, foresight and great flexibility – today we are able to propose smart solutions for industrial automation, based on various technologies all developed independently by us in the company. The bases and the vision are the same as when the company was born, and thanks to these we have been able to satisfy and sometimes even anticipate the needs and trends of our customers’ markets. My brother and I, Giampaolo, already lived the company in the round during our studies. We supported our father in the rapid growth of the company, we first shared the choices, and then, little by little, we took over the management of the company. Our generation has contributed to increasing the spirit of innovation of the company and to carry it forward with development plans increasingly based on analysis and knowledge of the markets.

How does innovation support you in the customization process of your products?

Designing a new and customized product is one thing, making it industrialized is another thing. We work according to the principles of lean production, we have long embraced the technological transformation processes of Industry 4.0, we continuously invest in the growth of the digitalization of processes and systems. All this with a view to remaining a company attentive to sustainability.

What are your most representative sectors / customers?

The sectors of use of our products are truly many, and in recent years we have followed those of greatest development hand in hand; for example we are talking about the material handling, medical, packaging industry, semiconductor, smart mobility and I could go on and on.

What are the new technologies you apply in the test & measurement sector?

We have a wide portfolio of technologies and products and, for this sector that requires great reliability and precision, we often use our motors and drives with direct drive technology, which allow to eliminate the components of the kinematic chain to the advantage of production efficiency, energy and noise savings, with a significant reduction in routine maintenance. Also very popular in the sector are our brushless servomotors with integrated electronics that allow a smarter and more advantageous use thanks to more streamlined wiring.

Where do you see your company in ten years?

Meanwhile, in a new location, we are building a larger “new home”, but always oriented towards the people who will live there. We will not move from our territory, we will only make the spaces more efficient which may soon become a limit to our growth.

We then created an important and innovative reality in the field of e-mobility, contributing to the creation of a company that deals with the testing and validation of electric batteries and powertrains, right in the heart of the Motor Valley.

In addition to the development logic of e-mobility, this collaboration and the know-how that derives from it means for Motor Power Company to be able to offer an increasingly complete range of products and services to accompany our customers in the electrification and green transition process. .

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