It is the new accelerator for startups in digital health. The “Vita” program supports the growth of new companies dealing with innovative health technologies

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CDP Venture Capital Sgr announces the birth of LIFEthe accelerator for startups that develop new solutions or services for Health, based on technological and digital applications.

VITA takes shape from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital Sgr, through the Accelerators Fund, and is created together with Healthware Group and the Danish accelerator Accelerace.

The program also benefits from the support of Zcube – Zambon Research Ventureas Innovation Partner and OpenZone as an ecosystem partner.

L’VITA accelerator will be based at Palazzo Innovazione in Salerno, while specific mentoring and networking activities will be hosted by OpenZone.

“We are alongside VITA with Zcube – Zambon Research Venture and OpenZone to pursue the goal of accelerate the digitalization process of health in Italyeven more crucial for the sustainability of the system in this historical phase of transformation, ”he explains Elena Zambon, President of Zambon Spa. “Supporting VITA is for us a further step forward in the path undertaken since 2016 with the Open Accelerator. We are happy to put our skills, our community and all the experience gained in recent years at the service of the project. It is by joining forces that we think we can achieve important goals “.

The overall VITA endowment for investments in the acceleration phase and for subsequent growth steps will be € 6.35 millionof which 4.55 million allocated by the Accelerators Fund of CDP Venture Capital Sgr together with Healthware Group and Accelerace, in addition to 1.8 million made available by the initiative’s corporate partners.

The throttle has the goal of support the development of startups active in the digital health sector and can deliver innovative solutions for the digital transformation of health and the healthcare systemincluding: digital therapies, telemedicine and digital health platforms, remote diagnostics and monitoring, mental health solutions and support in therapy management, innovative drug delivery systems.

A particular focus it will be placed on innovative solutions for respiratory diseases, ophthalmology, women’s health, rare diseases, chronic pain diseases and more.

Up to 10 seed and pre-seed startups will be selected each year for three yearswho will be able to access a development path structured by the accelerator partners, to be guided towards the certification of their business model.

The startups that will be chosen will also have access to a network of national and international stakeholdersas well as the opportunity to participate in industry events, including the global conference Frontiers Health.

Interested startups will have the opportunity to apply until June 12 on the site . The call is open to Italian and international startups wishing to open a registered office in Italy.

“In Zcube-Zambon Research Venture and OpenZone we are AndExcited to collaborate with VITA that we expect to become a reference point for innovation in Italian Life Sciences “, he declares Alessandro Porcu, President & CEO of OpenZone. “To be Innovation and Ecosystem partner it motivates us a lot and I am sure that Zcube and OpenZone will be even more eager to provide the best support for startups that will become part of VITA “.


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