On the referendum on justice, Matteo Salvini is not peaceful. “One useless question and four harmful”, using the words of Piercamillo Davigo. Not to mention the “devastating justice management” charged by Nicola Gratteri to the Draghi Government. Quotes that give the measure of the climate that reigns just over a week after the vote on June 12 on the five discussed referendums on justice promoted by Lega and Radicali.


Salvini: gag on the consultation

And if there is someone who risks the neck bone from the possible flop of the consultation – despite the merger with the Administrative Offices, the quorum of half plus one of those entitled to vote is far from obvious – that someone is Matteo Salvini. .

Better then to immediately look for an alibi to be able to show the next day the possible debacle. That, we must swear, Giorgia Meloni, at loggerheads with the other shareholders of the Center right, starting with Salvini, can’t wait to be able to accuse the Captain. Thus, for days, the leader of the League began to argue against the media and information, guilty of having silenced the debate on the referendum. Going even to speak of “shameful, infamous, anti-democratic, censorship campaign”.

The last performance in Verona, during an initiative in support of the Mayor Federico Sboarina: “They talk about fake news, censorship, they say that there is no democracy there, but why is there democracy in Italy where millions of Italians could change justice? – thundered the former Minister of the Interior -. So get on your cell phone and tell relatives, friends, colleagues, because it is possible to change justice ”. The vice president of the Senate Roberto Calderoli he went even further, joining the Radicals’ hunger strike to protest against the lack of information on the consultation.

After three days without stint – “and three kilos lost” – Calderoli assures that he is “very well” and that he has also lost his appetite: “Perhaps in this a little help from the old man from above Marco Pannella is coming to me, he would have started a hunger strike a month ago – he explained -. But I hold on until June 12, I’ll go on like this “. The adhesions to the initiative have exceeded 100, on the other hand confirm the Radicals. “Our hunger strike – added Calderoli – serves to give due prominence to the referendum and protect democracy because citizens must be informed about the questions and enabled to decide”.

From Letta to Berlusconi: the positions on the pitch

Paradoxically, it is also the Brothers of Italy, the party that has everything to gain from a possible Salvini flop, to ask with Federico Molliconeincreased media attention on the five questions.

But with reasons other than Salvini’s: “I made a symbolic protest because information on the referendum must be supported – he said -. On justice, Brothers of Italy asks 3 yes and 2 no to change justice ”.

While the leader of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta reiterates his rejection of the referendum instrument on issues of justice that “are resolved in Parliament, and we are confident that the best solutions can be found in Parliament”.

On the other hand, the victory of the yes would put another obstacle on the already bumpy path towards the programmatic agreement with the 5 Star Movement. For the coordinator of Forza Italia Antonio Tajanion the other hand, “the reform of the justice system is an important step forward, but it is not perfect”, which is why his party will vote in favor of referendums.

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