A special evening, a sort of prequel or sequel – depending on your point of view – of what has been and what will be. Stefano Bollani and Valentina Cenni, him pianist, her singer and actress, reopen the doors of their home in Via dei Matti number 0 (the daily strip broadcast last year on Rai3) on 5 June, for a unique and special episode in prime time on Rai3, which takes the title of “Via Dei Matti Picture Show”.
“We still had many things to offer – says the couple on stage and in life -. And we wanted to be there for at least one evening during the season. It was easy to choose the theme: music and cinema: the big screen has so much to say. And he needed space and time “. In this way we will investigate, in two voices with notes and words, that relationship that binds music to cinema, at least as old as cinema is. “Not many people know that the first original soundtrack was written by an Italian, Ildebrando Pizzetti”, they explain. Through stories and performances, memories and anecdotes of the hosts themselves, who will receive the visit of many friends. There will be Nicola Piovani to go and investigate the silent cinema of the origins and Luca Marinelli “who perhaps surprised us the most. He doesn’t frequent television much and we dared asking him to come and sing. In his interpretation of Fabrizio De Andrè had been very good “.

The prime time promotion anticipates the comeback of the strip: “we are preparing for the new season, from next autumn we will be back. And it will be for a long time”, they announce with satisfaction, aware of the success they had with the first season which has already become a cult. “We consider that of June 5 a gala preview”. Meanwhile, the album “Via Dei Matti Numero 0” has also been released, in which the two artists have fun proposing the most beautiful songs among those heard during the Rai3 program. “A heartfelt choice among all the pieces we proposed during the program”. Overcoming genres and geographical limits, with songs in Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Neapolitan. With the awareness that music is a fundamental element of life: “Recording comes from the desire to continue playing with the music we love, which makes us feel good – Cenni and Bollani still say -. We like to think that this is a record. to sing all together “