Grace and elegance are the real transgression according to Drusilla Foer. The Tuscan noblewoman, Gianluca Gori’s alter ego, takes the reins of the remake of a historical Rai program, in the memory of almost all the Italians who have passed the ‘door’ and does so “on tiptoe”, knowing that she is confronted with not an easy undertaking, also because it will be broadcast in the difficult range occupied by the news.
“Drusilla and the Almanac of the Day After”, from Monday 6 June at 19.50 on Rai2, is one of the arrows in the arc of the director of prime time entertainment, Stefano Coletta, who aims to rekindle the summer of public TV and that , after the exploit of Sanremo, he focuses everything on “an artist of rare completeness”, chosen “for his civilization as well as for his skills”.
In half an hour of transmission, the presenter, accompanied in a few moments by the little Topo Gigio, will revisit the daily strip broadcast on Rai1 from 1976 to 1994. There will be columns related to Domani Avvenne, the Character of the Day After and the rising of the sun. , but also new ideas inspired by curious experts, well-known guests and unpublished characters. “We entered on tiptoe in this program that is in the hearts of all of us over 18 – says Drusilla in an interview with ANSA -. It was a small program that lasted a short time and gave information in a pleasant and polite way. Ours it will last a little longer, so we had to fill it with music and other moments. ”
The presenter does not want to think about the share. “We just hope to live up to this iconic program – he underlines -. We tried to respect it with as much kindness as possible. We liked the idea of ​​the Almanac which basically tells us what happened tomorrow and a reassuring thing, because if they are good things have happened we are happy, if bad things have happened we can work on it “. There will be her songs about her, but she doesn’t think about dancing because she – she confesses smiling – “I have terrible sciatica”. She then she vacation in her Tuscany to rest a little “wherever I host”, but not for long. “We have a recording project to develop – she tells her – she, a theatrical production to be put in place, all the summer concerts of the Eleganzissima recital, about thirty dates in July and August”.
In the summer Rai there is also the Sex program, in which the presenter Angela Rafanelli will talk about sex. A theme – says Drusilla – “that I could also bring into my program, there are no filters”. Then in the future, who knows her, she could be the subject of a transmission of her own. “I would conduct everything – he confesses -, except a cooking show. What amazes me is how much concern and fear there is around the theme of sex. The other day I met a priest who told me to be happy for what I do … It is good that communication tools are given on sexuality within the family and we must trust that there are many more people who have a free thought on these things than what political leaders or the church do to us to believe”. As for policies on equality of equality and sexual freedom, Drusilla does not want to be pessimistic: “I think we are moving towards an improvement, I tend to trust the politicians who are there even if I don’t like them”