The EU is one step away from political agreement on the directive for the minimum salary. The decisive round of negotiations between the European institutions (Commission, Parliament and EU Council) will start on Monday evening at 7 pm in Strasbourg, on the sidelines of the plenary of the European Parliament. The chances of reaching an agreement in the night between Monday and Tuesday are very high, it is learned. The directive, proposed by the European Commission in 2020, aims to establish a framework for setting adequate and fair minimum wages while respecting the different national approaches of the 27 and to strengthen the role of collective bargaining.

The minimum wage must be “extended and strengthened through bargaining”. Thus the secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, on the sidelines of an initiative on the labor market as part of the Trento Festival of Economics. “Let’s take – he adds – as a reference the overall economic treatment of the contracts signed by the most representative social forces, let’s see which contracts are most applied in the reference sectors and this is the reference salary for us. I am more interested in talking about the maximum salary than minimum wage “.

“There is a problem of heaviness – he adds – of the tax burden on labor and businesses. This is the reason why we are asking the government to open a discussion on the contents of the fiscal delegation. For us, the prospect is to make a strong intervention to reduce the personal income tax on income from work and pensions. And to raise the action to combat tax evasion. We must begin to further tax the incomes and profits of the large digital, logistics and energy multinationals to recover resources to redistribute to the weaker groups “.

“We are in favor of the minimum wage, we have only one concern: the minimum wage does not replace contracts”. The secretary of UIL, Pierpaolo said so Bombers, again on the sidelines of an initiative on the labor market as part of the Trento Festival of Economics organized by the Autonomous Province and the 24 Hours Group. “The European directive – he added – aims to increase national contracts, to cover workers covered by contracts, we must be careful that the minimum wage and contracts are not juxtaposed and that there is no displacement of workers between those who have the contract and those who have only the minimum wage. We agree with the minimum wage provided that it coincides with the contractual minimums, this is the tool that can make it possible not to reduce the area of ​​application of contracts “.