Irreverent, funny and even more politically incorrect than usual, Fiorello protagonist in Ostia Antica for four evenings of the one man show ‘Fiorello presents: Fiorello!’ which, starting from the province, is crossing all of Italy. For the Roman stages, finally with the public free to laugh without a mask, he chose the archaeological park, which is also a pretext, like current news, to make fun of the precariousness, age and risk of falling on stage as happened in many artists. To applaud the debut in the audience too Mara Venier, Gabriella Germani and Marco Travaglio.

In a boomer, or otherwise young version, split between today’s showman, king of Rai1, and his black belt clone of Karaoke from the 90sFiorello crosses all the colors of music: from swing to pop rock, from dance to trap, complete with autotune, with the complicity of the teacher Enrico Cremonesi and his band composed of Carmelo Isgrò to the bass, Antonello Coradduzza on the guitar e Massimo Pacciani to the battery. Hilarious imitation of Mahmood and the revision of the more than explicit texts of Blanco but interpreted in the manner of Modugno.

Fiorello (ANSA / Lorenzo Montanelli)

Surprises and tributes also with guests in videos that materialize and disappear during the show, as well as the dance troupe that exists but ‘in smart working’. The musicians, the technicians, the authors, those of all time, Francesco Bozzi, Pigi Montebelli and Federico Taddia, appear on the credits which, however, in a game of unpredictability and upside-down ladders, run just a few minutes from the start of the show because in the end you have to get there and in life “you never know”, jokes Fiorello, exorcising the years that pass , 62 just completed, and his being now an agé artist or, worse, ripe like those bananas that Mamma Sara made him eat before the others (and in the meantime those too were turning brown). The personal anecdotes, about all those about the adolescence of the daughters, are hits of the repertoire in which everyone can identify. The real Draghi, on his honeymoon in Santo Domingo with Merkel, while his clone takes care of governing, he is one of the targeted characters, as well as Calenda or Renzi chasing votes. And then the wild boar party, the one that is integrated and growing strongly in the capital. Forerunner of the influencers, Fiorello in the TikToker version, framed by a giant smartphone, makes a blob that is the perfect synthesis of the eternal artist Peter Pan who evolves, changes, perfects himself but does not think about getting old.

Fiorello (ANSA / Lorenzo Montanelli)

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