Minimum wage in Italy: the political debate on the issue has heated up as the other countries of the European Union have not only adopted it but are working to improve it.

Minimum wage in Italy: what it is, what it consists of and how much it should be

Minimum wage in Italy: what it is and what it consists of

The M5S has long since filed a first signature Nunzia Catalfo (former Minister of Labor) a bill to introduce the minimum wage. Today we wonder at what point Italy is with respect to guaranteeing this right for many precarious workers citizens. The leader of the pentastellati, Giuseppe Conteinsists: “We need to intervene immediately – he said – the bill is in the Senate. The law can be approved in a short time “.

The minimum wage is there basic salary for workers of different categories, established by law, in a given period of time. It cannot be reduced in any way by collective agreements or private contracts. In Europe, 21 of the 27 Member States have already introduced it, but Italy has not yet implemented this reform. The minimum wage must be calculated based on productivity; the GDP; the Consumer Price Index; general economic trend.

How much should it be

After Spain also the Germany has decided that from next October 1st the legal minimum wage will rise to 12 euros per hour. It is currently 9.82 euros. In July it will rise to € 10.45.

In Italy 11.7% of employees receives a salary lower than the contractual minimum. Italy does not provide for a law on this issue but it is also the country that in Europe has the negative primacy in terms of wages. . The M5S has presented a bill, on the initiative of the former Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo, which provides for the recognition, in contracts, of a total salary of not less than 9 euros per hour.

On the question was born a political debate: “It is important to be able to give a signal by the end of the term. The issue is rightfully taking hold in many economies similar to ours, it is important if we take a big step forward. Within the legislature it would be ideal, otherwise we will present it within the project for the next elections “ Enrico Letta said on the sidelines of an electoral meeting in Montalcino. The League, on the other hand, is not unbalanced. “The minimum wage must not be taboo but you have to be careful how you do it” affirmed the minister of economic development, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

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