Fabrizio Moro, biografia e vita privata: canzoni, moglie e figli

Fabrizio Moro is one of the best Italian songwriters of recent years. With guitar in hand and deep, almost gloomy voice, he is able to enchant entire audiences. Not only that, even his lyrics are never predictable and banal. We discover the biography and private life: from songs to wife and children.

Fabrizio Moro, biography and private life: songs, wife and children

Fabrizio Moro: biography and private life

Born in 1975, Fabrizio Moro, born Fabrizio Mobrici, was born on April 9 in Rome. Growing up in one of the most difficult neighborhoods of the capital, or San Basilio, he studied at the Roberto Rossellini Institute for Cinematography and Television. He began to take his first steps in music from a very young age, always with his guitar below. Success, however, came with the victory at Sanremo Festival.

It was 2007 and Fabrizio appeared on the stage of the Ariston with a song of denunciation entitled Thinks. The latter and Libero, among other things, have been cited in university papers and theses. In 2017 he returned to the city of flowers in the company of his colleague and friend Ermal Meta. Theirs You haven’t done anything to me, also a piece of denunciation, won the victory. In 2022 she returns once again to Sanremo with the song Sei tu. In total, between the Youth category and the hosted ones, Moro has participated in the Festival seven times.

On Sunday 5th June, guest a Sunday In on Rai 1, the singer presented his new single entitled Today.

The most beautiful songs of Fabrizio Moro

At the beginning of his career, Fabrizio Moro did many jobs to support himself, including the porter. At first, like many other songwriters, his songs they were considered for a ‘niche’ audience. Only later did it get the success it deserved and still deserves, becoming also author. In fact, he is the author of some pieces by Noemi, Emma and Gaetano Curreri. Among the pieces that led him to success are: Think, Yet you changed my life, You did nothing to me, Barabbas, Free, It does not matter, The worst is over, The meaning of everything, Eternity (the neighborhood) and Take me away.

Fabrizio Moro: wife and children

Very reserved as regards the sentimental sphere, Fabrizio has been engaged for a long time with Giada Domenicone. She graduated in Interior Architecture at the La Sapienza University of Rome, during her career she has collaborated with great professionals in the sector, but she has always been away from the spotlight. Even though they never got married, they had two sons, Libero and Anita. Their relationship came to an end in 2019. Fabrizio, therefore, does not have a wife and, to date, we do not know if he is engaged or not.

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