Francesco Gabbani: età, fidanzata e vita privata del cantautore che ha vinto Sanremo con Occidentali’s Karma

Who is Francis Gabbanithe Italian singer-songwriter who won the Sanremo Festival in 2017 with the song Westerners Karma and who recently released her new album titled We just wanted to be happy.

Francesco Gabbani: age, girlfriend and private life of the singer-songwriter who won Sanremo with Occidentale's Karma

Francesco Gabbani: age, biography and beginnings

Francesco Gabbani was born in Carrara on 9 September 1982 and is an Italian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He grew up in a family that ran and runs a musical instrument shop in Carrara, which he owns. There passion for music the artist has been evident since he was a child. In fact, at the age of 4, Gabbani began playing the battery while, at 9, he began to devote himself to guitarimmediately showing his enormous talent.

Over time, he learned to play the low and the piano. Before establishing yourself in the world of Italian music, you worked as a sound engineer and stage technician.

His artistic career began as funk, jazz and blues musician. At 18, she signed his first record deal and recorded his first album with the Trikobalto project.

In 2011, he released four singles: Italy 21, Summer, A year more And Damn love. This last piece was taken from the soundtrack of the film Love Hurts by Mirco Viola.

The first solo album of the singer-songwriter was released in 2014 and is called Greitist Izfrom which the single was extracted Records don’t play.

Musical career of the singer-songwriter who won Sanremo with Occidentale’s Karma

In 2016, Francesco Gabbani introduced himself to Sanremo Giovani with the song Amen, winning the New Proposals category, together with the “Mia Martini” Critics Award, the “Sergio Bardotti” Award for the best text and the “Emanuele Luzzati” Award. In the same year, his was released second studio album Eternally nowfrom which the single of the same name was extracted Eternally now And In balance.

Gabbani returned to Sanremo in 2017, participating in the Big category with the song Westerners Karma and winning the 67th edition of the festivalplacing himself in front of Fiorella Mannoia with May she be blessed and Ermal Meta with Forbidden to die. After the end of Sanremo 2017, you published yours third album Magellan.

In 2020, he returned to Sanremo, finishing in second position with Vice versa, song included in the album of the same name. The fifth album in the singer-songwriter’s studio, on the other hand, was announced at the end of 2021 and then released in 2022 and is titled We just wanted to be happy.

Gabbani also made his debut on the small screen as conductor: in 2017, he led the fifth and final edition of the MTV Awards while, from 8 April 2022, it will lead with Francesca Fialdini It takes a flower on Rai 1.

Then, in 2022, he released his latest album entitled We just wanted to be happy.

Who is Francesco Gabbani? Girlfriend and private life

As for his private life, Francesco Gabbani has long been engaged to Dalila Iardellafamous Italian tattooist.

Currently, he is engaged to a woman named Giulia who does not work in the entertainment world and, as reported by the songwriter, is very reserved. As far as we learn, the passage Vice versa brought to the race in Sanremo 2020 is one love song dedicated to his girlfriend.

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