“I do not feel I have arrived, the hunger is always the same”. Last, after two years of postponements due to covid, he finally returns to the live dimension, the one he prefers, with the long-awaited tour in the stadiums: the start tonight from Bibione, before 15 dates, with 10 sold out and over 550 thousand tickets sold. “A huge thing, but at 26 I can’t feel like I have arrived. It is neither a departure nor an arrival, it is a step in a constantly evolving path”, says the Roman singer-songwriter, not without a little emotion, just before going on stage. . With the press, and with criticism in general, he hasn’t always had an easy relationship, but the 26-year-old artist – the youngest to perform in stadiums – seems more mature and more focused. “Even anger is always there – he admits with a smile – but I’m working on myself to be less rancorous”. He will start tonight in the municipal stadium of the Venetian town in front of 28 thousand people. “It is a particular moment – confides Ultimo again -. I come from these two years in which I have thought about this at every moment of the day”. Because, he explains, “everything I do, I do it thinking about the concert, for the concerts.
To postpone them was to postpone my life, without a certain prospect of returning. Now I can go back to making sense of my life. “
Two years that have not been easy, in which Ultimo had to deal with those who said it was already finished and with a profound loneliness (and from that the last album Solo was born). “I’m not an artist who pretends to only see what works. There are ups and downs in life, but if you don’t win the Champions League a year it’s not a sign of weakness. I feel ready to accept whatever life will bring me. , because if you are consistent in what you do, you cannot have any regrets “.
When the world came to a standstill, in March 2020, the star of Ultimo was shining high, with a 24-year-old stadium tour. Then the sudden stop. “Honestly, I missed the ground under my feet, in a situation like this you are afraid of losing yourself. I thought that something would change: for better or for worse? Looking at the 15 stadiums today, I would say better this way”.
Out of respect for those who kept the ticket in the drawer for two and a half years, “the lineup is a balance between my four albums”. Among the songs, for two hours of show, also the new single “Vieni nel mio cuore”, “a song that for the first time I wrote for a specific occasion: the live”. Certainly there will not be Ed Sheeran, with whom he collaborated in the Italian version of 2Step. “I am a wild fan of him: he amazed me that he is an easygoing person and that he finds the time to respond to me.” However, some guests may be there in the next dates. Niccolò, his name at the registry office, has always been a great listener of Italian music. “De Gregori, Baglioni, Venditti: but I don’t think I look like any of them. I’ve always wanted to find my identity. But I compare myself with them, accepting their advice”. And then an obligatory passage to Sanremo, which projected him into the world of the greats, first with the victory of Sanremo Giovani in 2018 and then the following year with the second place among the Big. “Now I don’t think about it, for the festival we need the right piece and for now it’s not there”.
After the zero date in Bibione, appointment with the double in Florence, then Ancona, Turin, Naples, Modena, Bari, Pescara, Catania, the Circus Maximus in Rome and the double appointment in Milan. Ultimo, Unicef ​​Goodwill Ambassador since 2019, has decided to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of the tour tickets to projects to fight malnutrition and to support vaccinations, water systems and sanitation in Mali, where in 2020 it was for the his first field mission. “It is obvious to be against war, but it is essential to repeat it. Music can give comfort, but to resolve conflicts it takes more”. (HANDLE).

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