Luciano Ligabue is back to dance on the world. After two years of stage abstinence, the wait is over and the party is finally on stage. Just over 103 thousand “guests” in Campovolo, in the brand new RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, to celebrate 30 years of career (“plus two, but we don’t count those”, says the birthday boy) by the rocker from Correggio.
Thirty-one songs in the lineup, three hours of concert, six guests, three bands to accompany him in his fourth appointment (after 2005, 2011 and 2015) with the “home” stage (77 meters wide by 19 high). “We attended Campovolo for the first time 17 years ago. Here, several spells have already happened”, recalled the Liga, which supported its live messages for peace, against violence against women, in memory of Gino Strada, as perhaps he had never done so clearly before.
Peace, in particular, was the sign under which the evening opened and which acted as a link in several moments: before the party began, his manager entered the scene. Claudio Maioli (familiar presence of his live shows) to hoist the rainbow flag together with that symbol of Campovolo. Again Maioli, on Bar Mario, recalled the founder of Emergency wearing a shirt with one of his words printed: “I am not a pacifist. I am against war”. Halfway through the Liga concert, with Mauro Pagani, sang My name is never again, the 1999 song born from the collaboration with Jovanotti and Piero Pelù (who gave up for the after-effects of a fall on stage in recent days) to say no to the war in Yugoslavia. “The choir I would like them to hear across Europe is the choir of this song,” she stressed. TO Loredana Bertè, among the guests of honor, the task of launching an appeal to combat violence against women. “Violence against women is psychological, mental and physical: I have suffered all three. At 16 I was raped and beaten to death. Every 6 hours there is femicide: now I have stopped keeping silent”.
But there is no party worthy of the name if fun were not its distinctive feature (a party that will somehow continue in September with five concerts at the Verona Arena and in October with four European dates). And then the public (that of the first hour, but also that of the very young) is unleashed on old and new songs, while the bands that have played with the rocker alternate (Il Gruppo, I Clandestino, La Banda, for 13 musicians in total ). The beginning is with “I would not change this life with any other”, but Ligabue draws here and there in 30 years of music and words. From The smell of sex to The salt of the Earth, from It’s not time for us to Little Star without sky, passing through Certi Notti and Eri Bellissima. With Gazelles proposes L’amore Conta e con Francesco De Gregori his love and accusation letter Buonanotte to Italy. There are also Elisa (Your Way) ed Eugenio Finardi (Rebel Music, the only song not his).
The ending is creepy from This is my life to Between stage and reality. It closes with the liberating cry of Urlando contro il cielo and Sogni di Rock ‘n’ roll, the ones that La Liga – for 30 + 2 years – continues to achieve.