Tim Cook kicked off the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022, Apple’s conference dedicated to developers. The CEO of the American giant recalled the company’s efforts towards the inclusion of women and minorities in the complex world of developers. “Technology must be a source of inspiration for everyone”. In the last year, Apple has increased its efforts to incentivize the training of women both in the United States and abroad, for example in Saudi Arabia, by focusing on contact between the company’s trainers and alumni at partner universities in Cupertino. “We have just opened our brand new developer center across from Apple Park – explained Cook – where kids can interact with our engineers”. To date, there are about 34 million developers working on Apple platforms, primarily for mobile devices, from the iPhone to the iPad. “The goal is now to push further the opportunities our environment offers, for both developers and consumers.” Tim Cook’s presentation, as well as the most recent Apple keynotes, was recorded near the Apple Park in Cupertino, the same location where a handful of developers, selected online, will participate live in the sessions dedicated to news for iOS, iPadOs and the company’s other operating systems. After three years of limitations due to the pandemic, this is a sort of return to normal for a live event, albeit in a reduced and controlled form. For the first time, all the insights of the Apple for “developers” can be followed for free on the internet, upon registration.

The event is an opportunity to show the news of its operating systems, in particular iOS16 for iPhone. In the next fall update there will be the feature Safety check, to increase security on users’ sensitive information. This is a new item in the menu with which to quickly disable data sharing with friends and applications. As explained by the company, it wants to give people a way to protect their personal life quickly, with a single click. In the iPhone settings you will therefore have a button to revoke all links shared with a person, including the location of the phone or links to photos saved in the cloud. The same operation will affect individual applications and accesses to sensitive data previously activated, often without thinking about it. News also for The messages that can be deleted once sent and for dictation that can also be done with the keyboard open. iOS 16 focuses more on customization. The novelty is one renewed lock screen, where you get more information about your favorite applications. This is not really the ‘always on’ functionality that we had talked about in recent days, that is, an always on screen that always shows primary information as happens for many Android, but in any case a step towards greater integration between various services. News also for the recognition of the text on the smartphone, which will allow iOS to identify the text in a photo to be able to copy and paste it elsewhere. Still on the subject of photos, here is a function to select a single subject in an image to isolate it and use it in other applications, such as iMessagge, Apple’s messaging platform. iOS 16 will also expand SharePlay to the same iMessage, so users can watch or listen to media at the same time, stopping and starting from the same point. A new option, currently active in the United States, will allow consumers to purchase products or services through Apple Pay and pay in installments. It’s called Apple Pay Later and, through agreements with sellers, it will give users the opportunity to make payments in four interest-free installments.

To some surprise among the attendees of the developer conference, WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the new version of CarPlay. The car infotainment system, which transforms the on-board computer of supported vehicles into a small smartphone on the go, now also adapts to panorama screens to offer much more information and functions. A prelude to what could be the Apple Car. The first cars compatible with the new CarPlay will be announced in the course of 2023, extending the role of Apple in different technological sectors. To enable the competing Android Auto platform to deliver greater potential in vehicle information and access to vehicle data, manufacturers will need to work closely with Apple, including in terms of reading car parameters. In this way, CarPlay will be able to display not only icons dedicated to entertainment or maps and telephone parts but also more critical data, such as speed, activation of air conditioning but also the management of wipers and windows. A series of additions that, in fact, make the Apple Car already present, at least from the point of view of the software. The brands that have already signed agreements with Cupertino are over a dozen including Land Rover, Nissan, Audi and Ford, with others to follow.

It also updates watchOS 9the operating system for the Apple Watch that includes more customizable watch faces, improvements to the Training app, sleep phase analysis, the “Atrial Fibrillation History” feature and the Drugs app that helps manage and monitor intake of medicines, vitamins and supplements allowing you to create lists, set schedules and reminders, and consult information about medicines in the Health app.

In the year of the shortage of semiconductors, Apple has decided to focus more on home production to break away from suppliers. The engineers of the American giant therefore presented M2, the new generation of processors with 18% more power than the previous family, keeping the same size as the current chip. This is made possible by a production system that manages to place chips on top of each other to increase power while preserving the battery. M2 manages to get 40% more operations, per second, than M1. The first device to benefit from this novelty is the MacBook Air 2022, completely redesigned in shapes and colors. The first feature that catches the eye is the presence of the notch, or the upper notch that encloses the camera. The keyboard is black, with a fingerprint recognition sensor and a new force touch engine, the system with which Apple ‘simulates’ the double pressure on the touchpad area to access additional menus in both proprietary and third-party apps. Four versions are available, from black to gold, dark or light gray. The MagSafe port is back for a quick connection with accessories. The battery promises 18 hours of battery life, despite the fact that the screen has improved, reaching 1 billion colors. The switch to the M2 chip also affects the MacBook Pro, which from next month will bring renewed performance to the sector of the most powerful notebooks of the brand, notoriously aimed at professionals and digital creatives. On board laptops the new version of macOs, called Ventura. It will arrive in autumn, together with iOs 16, and includes an optimized window management system, to show a clearer glance on all open apps. Continuity for Camera: you can use the iPhone as a webcam with another Apple device, complete with a dedicated support to be hooked to the back of the Mac.

The new iPadOS 16Coming this fall along with Apple’s other software updates, it seeks to bring the use of the iPad even closer to that of Macs. It does so with features dedicated to collaboration, both on text and graphics editing apps. An interesting change is the opportunity to use part of the tablet’s storage memory to increase system performance, up to a maximum of 16 GB. This is an option that Apple believes will be very useful for digital creatives who spend a lot of time on photo and video making apps. Better multitasking management makes it easier to switch between windows, between open applications, to place them side by side and arrange them as you see fit on the main view. Once iPad and Mac update to their software in the fall, users will be able to move text, photos, and even notes and notes between devices, taking advantage of the instant connection.

Finally, another common feature between tablets and computers is Passkeys, which will make you forget the need to enter usernames and passwords on personal websites and apps by replacing alphanumeric keys with fingerprint or vault reading, using Touch Id and Face Id, creating encryption strings that neither Apple nor developers will ever be able to read, being stored exclusively on the devices.

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