“It is one of the series that I am most proud of, which involves me not only as an actor, but as a citizen. I invite parents to watch it with their children. Our kids today are very fascinated by evil. Instead this series is about a group of positive heroes, even reckless ones, whose weapons were typewriters, printed paper and the speed of thought and it is important to show the difference, how we can fight honestly, despite the hostilities of the underworld “. Word of Claudio Santamaria, protagonist of the series “The Hour, ink against lead”, broadcast on Canale 5 from Wednesday 8 June in five premieres. He plays Antonio Nicastro, a journalist inspired by the figure of Vittorio Nisticò, legendary editor of the newspaper “L’Ora” in Palermo, “the first to use the word mafia in a newspaper, when the term was unpronounceable”, he says in a conversation with the ‘HANDLE.

An RTI – Indiana Production co-production, directed by Piero Messina, Ciro D’Emilio and Stefano Lorenzi. At the time, the publisher Amerigo Terenzi entrusted the direction of the newspaper to Vittorio Nisticò, born in 1919. The story opens with a detective story: a trade unionist disappears in Corleone and a young reporter brings him the news. Nicastro senses that there is something big underneath. Having come from Rome with his wife Anna (the actress Silvia D’Amico) to cut the costs of the newspaper by firing, he will end up with a front-page investigation against the Mafia. The series traces, in the Palermo of the 50s, the epic of the newspaper founded in 1900 by the Florio family who in that period began to publish burning investigations against the mafia. “L’Ora had the professional and human courage to tackle a burning social issue, in a climate of taboo and silence when it came to talking about the mafia”. Through the pages of L’Ora, Nicastro and his editorial staff revealed the background of the bloody events, at the time on the agenda in Sicily. To become Antonio Nicastro, Santamaria also worked “on the character of man, reluctant to any kind of compromise. At the center of everything he puts the news, the search for truth and justice. He ignored friends of friends”. The story is freely taken from the novel “Our Lady of Necessity” (Einaudi), written by Giuseppe Sottile who worked on L’Ora. Santamaria also met Claudio Fava (son of the journalist Pippo Fava, killed by Cosa Nostra in 1984, ed), one of the screenwriters but also the president of the regional anti-mafia commission in Sicily.

The series airs 30 years after the Capaci and via D’Amelio massacres. “I was 18 – underlines Santamaria -, I was starting the Academy, it was a very painful moment, of total emptiness, which I carried inside for a long time. I remember where I was, and the words of Montinaro’s son. The judges Falcone and Borsellino are heroes, a strong symbol and a source of inspiration “. The first investigation against the Cosa Nostra arrives in mid-October 1958: L’Ora slams the photo of Luciano Liggio on the front page. Below the photo is a nine-column title, consisting of a single word: “Dangerous”. The mafia does not stand by and watch. On Sunday 19 October 1958, the printing house was attacked with four kilos of TNT. The fiction shows an editorial world that no longer exists: the noise of typewriters, the smoke of cigarettes in the editorial office. Nicastro has a vintage look with a raincoat and hat. “It’s almost a costume series”. The Ora “was also a cultural hub that attracted the likes of Louis Armstrong and Maria Callas.” Nicastro, Santamaria continues, “believed that freedom begins where ignorance ends”. Three reporters of the newspaper are killed: “We tell one in particular, we do not cover the entire time span. However, that the investigative journalism should not have gags, L’Ora has guessed this, thanks to this information hero which has been the forerunner to many “. After finishing the shooting of the new film “Physical Education”, Santamaria confirms that he has started shooting the second season of the TV series “Christian”.

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