Cremona pride, Madonna to breast nude brought in the procession that is causing several controversies in the last few hours. After a Saturday characterized by demonstrations in various cities of Lombardy.

Cremona pride, Madonna topless during the demonstration: controversy and condemnation from the Church and politics

Cremona pride, Madonna topless during the demonstration

In Cremona, during the Gay Pride eventit was decided to show one Madonna with naked breasts. Thousands took to the streets to assert their rights, perhaps exaggerating. The event was held on Saturday 4 June and there were many reactions on social media.

So, it was a Pride Saturday in Lombardy, between Cremona, Monza and Paviaeven if, in fact, with some controversy regarding the statue of the Madonna specifically but also of Pope Francis.

Controversy and condemnation from the Church and politics

The first response came from the Church in the person of bishopAntonio Napolioni: «I gather – he wrote – lor bewilderment of numerous citizens, believers and non-believers, by the presence of offensive and obviously blasphemous images, which cannot have any educational or communicative value of value and rights “. A real lesson, that of the Curia, careful to underline how these gestures “also hurt the many who are committed to a society without discrimination”.

The comment also came from the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini. “Offending the faith, culture and sensitivity of millions of Italians has nothing to do with the demand for rights, but it is only a display of ignorance and arrogance.”

Also Vittore SoldoProvincial Secretary of the Democratic Party of Cremona: “It is causing controversy and is creating reactions of indignation and protest the fact that some demonstrators, during the procession of the first Pride in Cremona, brought in the procession a mannequin of a woman with a veil on her head that wanted to represent the sacred image of the Madonna “ writes in a note “The choice to use a sacred image is undoubtedly wrong and out of place because in addition to striking and disrespecting a world that has made and is making dialogue and confrontation a tool to unite rather than divide, it lends its side to those who would like to distort and overshadow the messages of inclusion and enlargement of rights that were the real theme of yesterday’s march and that were affirmed by thousands of demonstrators respectful of everyone’s sensibilities: sorry that the provocation is not very respectful and undoubtedly in bad taste of 4 people who were not the expression of any of the associations and organized acronyms that worked to prepare the event and demonstrated on Saturday, overshadowed the beauty and importance of the parade, in terms of dialogue and constructive confrontation on rights issues , with all the worlds and sensibilities that coexist in the city of Cremona and in our province “.

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