In recent months we have focused on innovation several times, which is one of the crucial problems of our time. Those reflections will animate an upcoming event promoted by MIT Technology Review Italia and Unindustria Reggio Emilia.

In concluding the publication in our magazine of a first document on various logistical and organizational solutions that, with regard to innovation, are establishing themselves in Italywe were able to see how the common orientation towards the creation of meeting and collaboration platforms capable of opening research to all possible sectoral and production synergies.
These programmatic and systematic convergences have made it possible to promote and implement original solutions worthy of attention, to which the peculiar structure of the Italian production system, with strong territorial anchors and widespread creativity concerning the entire value chainconfers an efficacy and relevance such as to distinguish and enhance it with respect to similar solutions present in Europe and in the world.
Precisely in order to support and encourage these characteristics and these synergies, it was considered appropriate to combine the preliminary reflection with a specific and articulated comparison with the most important realities, even if not exclusively considered in the aforementioned document.
MIT Technology Review Italy it therefore decided to promote in agreement with Unindustria Reggio Emilialargely involved in the promotion of innovation and growth of the industrial system as a whole, a conference in which to discuss and evaluate the functionalities and perspectives considered in the document in question.
The conference will take place at the Technopole of Reggio Emilia, Thursday 23 June 2022, at 4.30 pmwith the presence of numerous local and national, institutional and entrepreneurial subjects, involved in various capacities in the processes of modernization and development of the country.
The preparatory study on The Italian Ways to Innovation he focuses in particular on territory of the Emilia Romagna Region, which boasts the largest European concentration of manufacturing industries. The density of companies is a very important and interesting phenomenon in the economic history of Italy and the Region: within a short distance, more than 200 specialized companies produce extraordinary growth and a constant flow of innovations.
Starting from their historical roots, some significant cases of technological and productive repositioning are analyzed, such as those of IMA And Coesiato subsequently dwell on the phenomena of transition to Open Hub and to multisectoral innovationas in the case of Zambon with Open Zone And Zoners. Other relevant paths of horizontal innovation follow, such as those of Brembo And Dallarato conclude with the same An industry (Reggio electric car, Digital Automation Lab, Reinova). Finally, the discussion extends to those large companies which, with different characteristics, but with similar innovative thrusts, have shown that they can creatively and productively deal with the change imposed by the processes of globalization of markets and related cultural models: Is in the, Leonardo, ST, Almaviva.
At the moment, they have announced their participation in the conference Fabio Storchi (President of Unindustria Reggio Emilia), Romano Prodi (President of the Scientific Committee MIT Technology Review Italia), Alessandro Ovi (Director of MIT Technology Review Italy), Elena Zambon (President and CEO of Zambon Company), Federica Alberti (Head of Corporate Affairs & Institutional Relations Zambon Company), Andrea Pontremoli (CEO Dallara Automobili), Giuseppe Corcione (Chief Executive Officer Reinova), Ernesto Ciorra (Chief Innovability Officer Enel), Franco Ongaro (Chief Technology Officer Leonardo), Pierpaolo Gambini (Intellectual Property Manager Leonardo), Giorgio Prodi (UNIBO Professor).


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