On Saturday the party, on Sunday the controversy: after the rainbow parade through the streets of the center, the day after the first Cremona Pride is already time for criticism and accusations in the Lombard capital. In the viewfinder, in particular, the choice of exhibiting during the procession a life-size mannequin, disguised as a Madonna, with uncovered breasts. A representation judged blasphemous and immediately challenged on social media, with the mayor Gianluca Galimberti who ended up at the center of criticism for the patronage granted by the Municipality to the event. “The demonstration – said the mayor, Catholic and leftist, after the event just ended – also lit a beacon in our city on discrimination that still exists, giving the opportunity to express oneself without attacking, allowing us to reaffirm that we really need equal dignity of all citizens without distinction of sex, as our Constitution also states “.

“I think – added Galimberti – that it is necessary to build, even in Cremona, a democracy that is inclusive and welcoming of diversities. Because fear and hatred for diversity always leads to fear and hatred of all diversities”. And it is precisely by thinking of those words that, in front of the images of the Virgin thus represented and the photographs that portray in the procession of 1,500 even an activist double of Pope Francis dressed like the pontiff, the wave of controversy has risen. An uprising that essentially embraces all the local exponents of the center-right parties, with many of the Lega militants and the advisers and members of Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia who shared the disputed images on their profiles.

“It is not so, with this squalid and disrespectful way of the Christian faith, that rights are claimed – it is the common choir -. And when we hear about personal responsibility, we remind everyone that the Municipality has given the patronage”. There are also those who call the bishop into question: “what does Antonio Napoleoni think of all this?”. And Matteo Salvini also throws himself into the affair, in the middle of the electoral campaign for next Sunday’s administrative offices. “Offending the faith, culture and sensitivity of millions of Italians has nothing to do with the request for LGBTQETC rights – says the leader of the League – but it is only a display of ignorance and arrogance”. And the doll disguised as Madonna has brought out from the usual confidentiality that distinguishes him, even Giovanni Arvedi, entrepreneur of steel but above all patron of the Cremonese just brought back to Serie A and patron who in the city has built, among other things, the Museum of Violin and redeveloped Santa Monica, now home to the Catholic University. A calm but peremptory stance. “These symbols have nothing to do with the legitimate protection of rights and the fight against homophony and discrimination – he said – They are out of tune images because they offend the sensitivity of others.” Arvedi then expressed “amazement and regret” for the fact that no authority has intervened.