Massacre in a church in Nigeria: the attack resulted in numerous deaths and injuries? What were the reasons for the massacre?

Massacre in a church in Nigeria, numerous dead and wounded: the reasons for the attack

Massacre in a church in Nigeria, numerous dead and wounded: the reasons for the attack

On Sunday 5 June, a massacre was carried out in a church in Nigeria. At first, the Lagos newspaper The Nation Newpaper and some witnesses had reported of about 25-50 victims but, in the light of the information released on the morning of Monday 6 June, it seems that the official toll is 21 victims.

According to what is learned, a group of armed men suddenly broke into the interior of the Catholic church of St. Francis Xavier of Owo, in the state of Ondo, Nigeria. After raiding, the subjects opened fire on civilians, killing and wounding indiscriminately men, women and children who were in the church to celebrate Pentecost Sunday. Following the attack, in addition to the 21 confirmed deaths, were also recorded numerous wounded who were transferred to hospital in serious condition.

The group also seems to have resorted to some explosivesaccording to an initial reconstruction of the incident carried out by the local police forces.

At the BBC, Father Andrew Abayomi he recounted the attack with these words: “We were about to conclude the function. I even asked people to start leaving, that’s when we started hearing the shots coming from different places. We hid inside the church, some people were gone when the attack happened. We closed in the church for 20 minutes. When we realized that they were gone, we opened the church and took the victims to the hospital ”.

At the moment, i reasons for the attack are in assessment phase while the people responsible for the massacre are being hunted down.

The request of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria and the pain of the Pope

Regarding the massacre that took place in the church of San Francesco Saverio in Owo, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria which urged the government to “step up efforts to give the hunt for attackers“. Furthermore, the bishops also reiterated that “otherwise, yes it will accelerate the country’s fall into anarchy“.

The president of the Bishops’ Conference, Monsignor Lucius Ugorjifurthermore, he claimed to feel “great shock and sadness” for the attack carried out and stated: “No place seems to be safe again in our country; not even the sacred precincts of a church. We condemn with the utmost firmness the shedding of innocent blood in the House of God. The criminals responsible for this sacrilegious and barbaric act demonstrate their lack of a sense of the sacred and fear of God. The government should take its respoprimary ability to guarantee the life and property of its citizens. The world is watching us! Above all, even God is watching us ”.

The massacre in the church in Nigeria was also commented on by the Vatican. The spokesman of the Pontiff, Matteo Bruniin fact, he declared: “Pope Francis prays for the victims and for the countrypainfully struck in a moment of celebration, and entrusts both to the Lord, so that He may send His Spirit to console them ”.

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