ROME – 40 years after his Broadway debut, where he recorded the world record for consecutive performances until 2006, still remaining among the top four most represented musicals in history, Cats is back – with music by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and texts from the award Nobel TS Eliot – in a new international production by Massimo Romeo Piparo and for the first time in the world is set in Rome. The show, produced by PeepArrow Entertainment in collaboration with the Sistina Theater in Rome, will have the opening night at the Sistina on 7 December to continue on tour in Milan and the rest of Italy.
Piparo’s Cats will be set in a hypothetical and futuristic “dump” of works of art, archaeological finds, with the Colosseum in the background. Among statues of Marcus Aurelius, fragments of the Mouth of Truth, capitals, columns and other finds. “It will be an opportunity – comments Piparo – to reiterate once again to the whole world the cultural and artistic centrality of the Italian capital, its history and the charm it can give to purely Anglo-Saxon stories like this one of the Jellicle cats narrated by Eliot. the show will be adapted, remaining as always faithful to the musical score and the spirit desired by its creators, and will have complete adherence to the taste of the Italian public “.
In addition to music and dance, a very important role in the packaging of the show will have illusionism, magic and special effects, entrusted to the cat-magician Mr. Mistoffelees played by an Italian excellence of illusionism. As for the performers, “there are characters like Grizabella (voice of the timeless Memory, ed) or Rum Tum Tagger, the cat-punk-rock, up to the great sage, the cat-chief Old Deuteronimy, who are well suited to some faces very popular in our pop-rock scene. We are working on it, “Piparo says.
In agreement with the creators of Cats, the choreography will be signed by the associate choreographer of the latest Webber productions, Billy Mitchell. The musical direction, the conduct of the band and the programming of the original sounds of Cats will be entrusted to the maestro Emanuele Friello. The sets will be by Teresa Caruso, the costumes by Cecilia Betona.