Sexual harassment Gardaland trainidentified about 10 victims and 30 suspects: what happened during the Verona-Milan race.

Sexual harassment Gardaland train, 10 victims and 30 suspected: what happened

Sexual harassment Gardaland train, 10 victims and 30 suspected: what happened

On the afternoon of Thursday 2 June, around 17:00, a group of girls (three from Milan and two from Padua) boarded the train departed from Peschiera del Gardain the province of Verona, to reach the Lombard capital, after spending the day in Gardaland.

During the trip, the girls suffered sexual harassment by a group of young people who have been described as “North Africans”. The attackers would have insulted the girls, all aged between 16 and 17 years, and they would try to groped her in the private parts. The victims, surrounded by the molesters, managed to get off the train at the stop in Desenzano and filed a complaint.

According to what is learned, they would be cabout ten girls who suffered sexual harassment on the Gardaland train while it seems they have been identified about thirty children responsible for the abuses.

Regarding the attack, some of the victims said: “They were there many North Africans. They also had the flags of Morocco. They ran from one side of the station to the other. They also attempted to get on a Frecciarossa blocking it for ten minutes. The train was packed, it did very hot. We wanted to get off, but they stopped us by sounding the alarm. We went through various carriages and on the way they started touching us everywhere. I burst into tears and had a panic attack. As we went on they touched us, I felt the air fail me. People smoked, le girls especially they gave us ‘white’, privileged and did not let us pass. Luckily, another boyalso from North Africa, pushed his friends away and made us get off ”.

With regard to the incident, the police have reported that they have already come into possession of the video of the station cameras and of some clips posted on TikTok. The images show the crowd in the station and on board the train.

The manager of the Verona Mobile intervened on the investigations, Carlo Bartelli, who said: “We are reconstructing the events that took place on the beach and on the train. The investigations will continue on everything that may have criminal results “.

The reaction of the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia and the rally organized on TikTok

In the meantime, the president of the Veneto Region spoke about the abuses suffered by girls on the Verona-Milan train, Luca Zaia, who stated: “Thinking that girls are harassed, harassed or subjected to aggression in our territories does not exist. My appeal is that there is zero tolerance and that the police put their utmost effort into finding those responsible. We Venetians are used to a social relationship based on respect for people and rules. It must not pass the idea that facts like these can become ordinary or even, worse still, that one can get used to them. We have never even adapted to putting alarms in the house and thinking about locking ourselves in. I repeat, zero tolerance“.

On 2 June, in addition to the episode of sexual harassment on the Gardaland train, between the towns of Peschiera del Garda and Castelnuovo del Garda a big fight took place. Over 2,500 young people from all over Northern Italy, especially from Lombardy and Veneto, went to the area to take part in a sponsored event on TikTok.

In this context, tourists have been put on the run by the arrival of teenagers who have invaded the lakeside beaches playing loud music and stealing.

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