Inseparable and then enemies. Two principles: one destined to the throne and the other to the role of “escort heir”. In the essay ‘William & Harry’, Antonio Caprarica tells us about the war between the two brothers and the future of the Crown. The awaited new chapter of the Windsor saga which reconstructs the most recent phases, arrives in bookstores on June 7 for Sperling & Kupfer. With a great wealth of details, the greatest Italian expert of the British court shows the roots and hidden meanings of events that continue to hold the world stage and arouse the interest and curiosity of a vast audience.
Is it really Meghan Markle, the beautiful former American actress, who is the cause of Harry’s escape from the golden prison of Buckingham Palace, or is it the seed of restlessness, of that anxiety for freedom inherited from his mother that pushed the Duke of Sussex overseas ? Could the influence of a woman alone crumble the relationship between two brothers who had appeared inseparable for thirty years? Their emotional bond is evident in the very sad images of September 1997 in which the two boys follow the coffin of their mother Diana with their heads bowed. They are united by the despair of immense loss and the memory of an irrecoverable happiness that both will keep alive. The talent of captivating the world – the same as Princess Diana’s – allowed William and Harry to overcome the slips and missteps they ran into as boys. And so they came to embody a different model of monarchy, more popular, warm and sensitive to good causes. For this reason, now, their enmity becomes history and affects the dynamics of the Palace and the future of a Crown weakened by the physical decline of Queen Elizabeth.
Caprarica, historical correspondent of RAI from London, winner of the most prestigious journalism awards, is the author of essays, travel stories and novels. Among his most successful titles, all published by Sperling & Kupfer, God save us from the English … or not?!, Once upon a time in Italy, The Windsor novel, The London novel, Timeless Elizabeth, The Last Diana’s summer, Royal Baby, The Empress Queen, Elizabeth. Forever queen.