“The nice thing about these evenings is that there are the original performers with their songs. And they are real stars, Italian and international, who make evenings all over the world with thousands of people who go to applaud them. This year we have also added the ’90s because they are as iconic as the’ 60s, the ’70s and the’ 80s “. After last year’s success, Amadeus returns to the Verona Arena on 12, 13 and 14 September with Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90 !, a musical event conceived by Amadeus and produced by ArcobalenoTre.
To this time travel is thus added, not only a third evening, but also a new decade, the 90s, to relive 40 years of iconic hits of Italian and international music. Arena will then be broadcast on Rai 1 on 17 and 24 September and on 1 October. The first names to perform on the Arena stage revealed: there are Gloria Gaynor, Bonnie Tyler, Holly Johnson and Richard Sanderson, for the 70s and 80s. From the 90s, however, the Aqua by Barbie Girl, Gianluca Grignani and SNAP! Arrived.
Two ladies of Italian music were also expected, representing the unforgettable 60s and 70s: Ornella Vanoni and Rita Pavone. “The cast is important and will create a compilation of songs that many of my age have appreciated, but also the younger ones who go to social networks and platforms and are very well informed. Many songs then come back into fashion”, explains the conductor who adds : “I am very happy to be here, also for the special bond I have with this city where I lived from 7 to 24 years when I went to Milan. I love Verona very much, I started here to cultivate my dreams and work in the radio” .
“Every decade has songs that are part of the history of Italian music and we thought it right to include the 90s as well, as was the case at the last Sanremo – adds Amadeus -. On the stage there will be almost fifty artists, on average for two songs each: we will sing and dance a lot for forty years of music that belong to us “. Gianmarco Mazzi, CEO of Arena di Verona, points out: “when Amadeus had this idea, which started in the midst of the pandemic, we made ourselves available to make it come true. Success, on the other hand, went beyond expectations. became an icon also thanks to the Sanremo evening dedicated to the covers. The three evenings have already sold more than 17,000 tickets more than 100 days before the event “.
In this regard, the conductor and artistic director of Sanremo also confirmed in 2024 that next week it will open with the publication of the official regulation, out on June 13, earlier than in the past.
Amadeus has a hope: “We have learned that it is difficult to make predictions many months in advance. People want events and concerts and I hope that the Ariston in February 2023 will be the one of 2020, a music party without masks. almost afraid of having a certainty We will know everything in October, November.
Let’s cross our fingers and hope that some strange variant will not emerge. ”Amadeus will soon start receiving the songs.
“This year we will be able to work more calmly, because the songs will arrive earlier, but still no one has submitted a song for the 2023 Festival. I will spend the summer listening to the songs”. Amadeus then confirmed that the cover evening, like last year, will be reserved for songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and responded to some rumors that have been chasing each other in recent weeks and concerning Mina. “Anyone who has the impossible and unachievable dream of bringing her back to the stage – she confesses -. I would do anything, even film her from afar with my mobile phone.
There is not a project on my part, but a desire “. (ANSA).