Birmingham is famous for its curries and Johnny Depp has embraced the gastronomic challenge by dining with about twenty friends from Varanasi, one of the most famous Indian restaurants in the English city. Mo Hussein, the owner, disputed that the final bill was 50,000 pounds as some media wrote, but confirmed that the former “Pirate of the Caribbean” paid more than the twenty thousand pounds required to rent the entire venue in partly because the booking was made at the last moment and partly because of the need to compensate the 240 who had actually booked for that evening. Depp ordered “best courses” and champagne, and when it came to paying he left “a big tip”.

Johnny and his entourage stopped by Varanasi for a good five hours. The actor was “a wonderful customer, who paid attention to whoever was in the place, said Hussein: in addition to the 24 staff, about sixty guests invited by the owner to meet the star.

The actor was in Birmingham for the unofficial tour of England with Jeff Beck ahead of the release of a new two-piece album in the coming days. Beck played at Symphony Hall yesterday and fans had been hoping to see Johnny back on stage after surprise appearances at Gateshead, Glasgow and London’s Royal Albert Hall. The tour began while the jury of the libel trial against ex-wife Amber Heard was meeting in Fairfax, Virginia. Jurors ordered Heard to pay $ 15 million in damages to her ex-husband (later reduced to 10.5 under Virginia law) and $ 2 million to him for defaming her.

As Johnny celebrates and ponders the next steps to resurrect his Hollywood career, Amber “is still shocked” by the verdict, and spent the weekend with her one-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige, she learned “People”: ” She is frustrated and does not understand how the jurors came to the decision with the mountain of evidence that her team had put together. ” Heard wants to spend the summer being a mom, but she “is considering the next legal moves,” the source said. In the aftermath of the verdict, the lawyer Elaine Bredehoft had given the appeal for sure.