Agreement reached between Council, Parliament and EU Commission on the European directive for the minimum wage. This was announced by the Employment and Social Affairs Commission of the European Parliament (EMPL) on its Twitter account.


Minimum wage, the directive will now have to be approved by the EU Parliament and Council

The agreement on the EU directive, which came overnight, at the end of a meeting that lasted for several hours, had the French presidency of the EU among its main sponsors, which now sees the definitive approval of the text as strongly possible by the end of June, which will also mark the end of his current presidency.

Now the parliamentary plenary will have to express the minimum wage, followed by ratification by the EU Council and reception by individual member states. The details of the agreement, which marks a turning point in the ongoing debate across Europe, will be presented this morning.

“An important stage for social Europe” commented the French EU presidency. “In full respect of national diversity – reads a tweet – the provision will favor adequate minimum wages in the EU and the development of collective bargaining”.

“The one reached during the night in Strasbourg is a historic agreement. For the first time, the European Union sets criteria for adequate and fair minimum wages and to combat unfair competition and social dumping “, underlines the M5S MEP. Daniela Rondinelli.

“This directive – explains the exponent M5S – represents a Copernican revolution for the Italian labor market stained by over 300 pirate contracts that have fueled the shameful phenomenon of the working poor: over 3 million underpaid citizens who are not entitled to a salary fair and therefore to a decent standard of living. This directive will also lead to an upward convergence of wages for all workers and will put an end to the scourge of free internships and traineeships ”.

“For the 5 Star Movement – says Rondinelli – this is a top priority issue. The skyrocketing inflation that is eroding the purchasing power of Italians requires an acceleration in the process of transposing the directive, waiting to the last minute would mean turning away from millions of workers who are unable to make it to the end of the month. Not applying it, as some center-right exponents would like, would mean exposing our country to European sanctions and a dangerous conflict with the European Court of Justice ”.

“The road – concludes the M5S MEP commenting on the agreement on the EU directive for the minimum wage – is traced, against the social emergency represented by starvation wages is answered by transposing the European directive on minimum wages to the letter and in record time” .

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