The Camilleri Fund is not a simple archive containing postcards, handwritten notes, photos from decades ago whose protagonists have long since disappeared and it is difficult to recognize them. On the contrary, it is a rich – living – compendium of objects and testimonies which, properly studied, allow the reconstruction of the formation of a very refined and rare intellectual, that Andrea Camilleri who summarized in his figure as writer and man, the critical thinker, often sharp, and the popular popularizer, transversal, who “produces” high and low culture, which pleases the proletarian and the manager alike.
Therefore, the Maestro would have smiled this afternoon to see in the delightful room in via Corridoni, where every stage and thought of his life has been taxonomically systematized, those present with chin up, decrypting his handwriting on a note from his first direction, the butcher next to the famous editor, the authorities with the children, the old friends who loved him in the shadows and continue to do so, with those for whom the opportunity was too good not to be in front of a camera. He would have looked at them all good-naturedly, with that detachment that those who have understood something more and have reached a stage beyond the adrenaline of success, envy, a state of Western nirvana made of wisdom and fulfillment have. It is this state – and not the need in life to ensure that he is always remembered – that he had left the will to have an archive on his life set up, a task that his daughters Andreina, Elisabetta and Mariolina – and his beloved wife Rosetta – they performed quickly and effectively.
Culture Minister Dario Franceschini repeats it three times, once for each daughter: “Thank you thank you thank you” for “this gift to the country”. Praising “the political passion that distinguished the writer, even with a harsh, very critical tone”. And if the family has donated the Fund to the city and to Italy, Franceschini has made a commitment: “Let’s work together so that the Fund’s activity is continuous and not weigh only on you”, and then “tomorrow for the house. travelers who go around the world go to look for the house of the artist. The president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, focused precisely on the concept of the gift: it is “yet another act of love” between Andrea, his country and Rome, recalling the “purity of thought and freedom”, “acting paid for by great love”. A man animated by “extraordinary civic passion”. The Fund can be a cultural platform in the “reconstruction of Italy, in the reconstruction of the model of the country, which starts from the relaunch of the constitutional system “, Zingaretti argued. Finally, the archive is the only possibility for” future generations, who do not have the memory of Camilleri, to enter his life, his formation “.
The memory of the former director of Radio Tre Marino Sinibaldi is affectionate: “It was a real public service in this country”.
The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri says: “A wonderful gift made to Rome and to all lovers of literature. We will participate to enhance this extraordinary laboratory, to see how an intellectual is formed and the gems that are found there”. In short, the archive, as the publisher Antonio Sellerio said, “testifies that Andrea Camilleri, before becoming famous, was already a central figure in the panorama of Italian culture” Simple and sober, as always in the family, the daughters: “We want to thank our father”. You are always among us, Master.

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