Matteo Salvini he stopped in Verona. In what was once the Northern League stronghold, the leadership of the former Minister of the Interior is destined to suffer one of the worst setbacks in recent years. Without escape routes. At the administrative, any result will be difficult to swallow for the number one of the Carroccio.


The number one nightmare is the victory of Flavio Tosi, former mayor for two terms, forced to leave in 2017 due to the ban on the third consecutive candidacy. At the beginning Tosi was a golden boy of the League, more so than Salvini himself, but over time he managed to become Northern League secretary, collecting the pieces of the party. And engaging in a long-distance challenge with the then mayor of Verona. In the end Tosi lost the internal battle and from 2014 he greeted the Carroccio, looking for new projects, such as the Fare! which nevertheless never took off.

Between Tosi and Sboarina

Since then, the obsession has been to defeat the center-right and teach Salvini a lesson: in 2017 he tried through a third party, focusing on his wife Patrizia Bisinella. An unsuccessful attempt: he won Federico Sboarina.

So in the next few days Tosi will play everything to reach the ballot and try to inflict a displeasure on the former party colleague. Yet there is an even worse solution for the number of the League: the victory of the Giallorossi alliance with the former footballer Damiano Tommasi and therefore the taking of Verona by the center-left with the 5 Stars. The perfect disaster for the former captain.

Tommasi is a sort of “alien”, foreign to politics but capable of being a symbolic figure to put together the Democratic Party of Enrico Letta and the 5 Star Movement of Giuseppe Conte. Also pleasing for the simplicity. The chances are not very high, but the strategy is clear: reach the second round and focus on the mutual hatred between the Tosian faction and the Veronese center-right. Confidence is growing: “It is time to open a new chapter, Verona must go back to being a community of networks and relationships”, the Veronese MP from the Democratic Party told La Notizia. Alessia Rotta.

And the parliamentarian highlights the goodness of the choice, of a candidacy outside the box as a model of the alliance. “Tommasi – she explains – he is the right person to interpret the change that the city needs, together with the broad coalition that supports him we have built the strong and credible alternative that is needed”.

Defeat announced

Thus we arrive at the least painless solution for Salvini, but which follows the concept “whatever happens, it will be a defeat”.

Even if there were to be the affirmation of Federico Sboarina, the first outgoing citizen supported by the League, it would be a triumph for the Brothers of Italy, capable of confirming a mayor in the heart of the productive North-East, a fort of the Po Valley of the first hour. Sboarina, elected as an independent five years ago, is today an all-round exponent of the Brothers of Italy. If she gets confirmation, Giorgia Meloni would be ready to uncork sparkling wine, strengthening her position in the national center-right chessboard.

A bitter morsel for Salvini. The story of Sboarina is all about proximity to the heirs of the MSI: from 2002 to 2009 he was in An before joining the PDL. He only has allies as a League player. Who will act as water carriers for him.

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