He did not accept that this story had come to an end. He didn’t want to get away from the woman he said he “loved” and with whom he also wanted to start a family. A nightmare that begins in September 2019 for a Roman girl. For two years the young woman became the object of the morbid attention of her ex, a 43-year-old of Tuscan origins. Harassments, continuous messages, also culminating in explicit death threats.

A persecution that led the young woman to rebel and report him to the police. For him, the gup of Rome ordered an indictment for the accusation of aggravated stalking. The measure of the prohibition of approach was also applied to the accused. The indictment of the Capitoline Prosecutor lists all the persecutory conduct carried out by the suspect until August 2021 and which caused the victim, a “persistent and serious state of anxiety and fear”.

The man he was sending messages all the time to the woman on Whatsapp and Facebook “showing himself jealous and possessive and falsely accusing her of having betrayed him” and communicating “the intention to take his own life if he did not re-establish their relationship”. Over the months his attitude has become aggressive with even bizarre attitudes. Using fake social media profiles, he sent the girl photos of her as a child and told her to often wear shoes that belonged to her young woman’s mother.

The victim had become the target of his constant follies. “You don’t deserve love or friends, you have to die or spend the rest of your days alone like a dog or in a hospital bed in blood and pain”, he wrote, claiming that he was ready to go under her house “to take revenge”. A crescendo of threats culminated with those addressed to the current partner and the last, explicit, sent to her ex on 2 August last year. “You too will deal with God and I believe that under her we will keep company”, the text message appeared on the display of the girl’s cell phone.

The new indictment for stalking in Rome comes a few days after the one ordered against a 38-year-old of Brazilian origin who for thirteen months has targeted a 25-year-old breed known on Facebook. In this case the man, in addition to the threatening messages, has passed to the ways of actually attacking the woman by hitting her with kicks and punches.