Marco Venturi, the 45-year-old boyfriend of the designer Carlotta Benusiglio, found hanged on the night of 31 May 2016 on a tree in the gardens of Piazza Napoli, in Milan, was sentenced to six years in prison for death as a result of another crime, injury and stalking. . You decided with the abbreviated procedure the Gup Raffaella Mascarino, who retrained the accusation of voluntary murder in death as a consequence of another crime.
“We are happy because the responsibility for my sister’s death has been traced back to Marco Venturi, he was not sentenced to many years but we wanted to restore dignity to my sister and today this thing has been done, I believed in justice and it has arrived”. Giorgia Benusiglio, sister of the stylist Carlotta Benusiglio, said this, commenting moved with her mother next to the sentence of the Gup that sentenced the victim’s ex boyfriend to 6 years for “death as a consequence of another crime”, that is the conduct of stalking and injuries to the 37-year-old, who was found hanged from a tree. “I find it hard to speak, I believed in justice and I was not wrong”, added the sister, in tears as well as the mother, explaining that the family is satisfied with the decision of the Gup arrived more than 6 years after Carlotta’s death and after a very complex and troubled investigation and proceeding. The judge also recognized provisional compensation for Venturi of 200 thousand euros each in favor of the designer’s mother and sister. Even the lawyers of the civil party, the lawyers Gian Luigi Tizzoni and Pier Paolo Pieragostini, underlined that with this verdict (motivations in 90 days) “Venturi’s responsibility was ascertained” for the death of his partner. It will be necessary to read the reasons, but already from the device it can be understood that the Gup has established that the death of the woman (ie suicide by hanging) was a consequence of “previous malicious conduct” by the boyfriend, that is probably the episodes of injuries and stalking. Episodes that, among other things, according to the charges brought to trial by the prosecutor Francesca Crupi, the 45-year-old allegedly committed between 2014 and 2016. “There were therefore some malicious acts by Venturi that resulted in death”, added the ‘lawyer Tizzoni. The judge imposed a 9-year sentence, which was then reduced to 6 years for the reduction of the shortened rite.