There are six aspiring mayoral candidates in Gorizia ready to challenge the outgoing Rodolfo Ziberna, who will attempt an encore supported by the center-right united in each of its components, even the smallest and most marginal. Against him are lined up Laura Fasiolo (Noi mi noaltris Go !, Slovenska Skupnost, Laura Fasiolo for Gorizia, Gorizia is yours, Pd), Franco Zotti (Zotti against all), Pierpaolo Martina (Martina mayor), Serenella Ferrari (People for Gorizia), Antonio Devetag (Devetag mayor, Action), Mario De Marco (De Marco for Gorizia). To understand the importance of the challenge, the Pd secretary, Enrico Letta, and the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, have already passed through the Isonzo capital, while Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani will close the electoral campaign on Friday. After the head to head, in some ways surprising, with which Russo, last autumn, almost got the better of Dipiazza in Trieste, the center-left is doing more than a thought on conquering the city without borders. And Letta recalled, as a good omen, that when they were eliminated in 2004, the center-left was in power, the only parenthesis in the recent history of a city that has always had a right-oriented guide. In any case, that of Gorizia – more than the nearby Monfalcone, which has always had a history of its own – is considered a probative electoral test in view of the 2023 Regionals, to which the incumbent governor, Fedriga, has already announced his presence. denying alleged ambitions to rise to the top of the national Carroccio. Letta himself underlined the importance of an enlarged coalition, which could guarantee the full result, after years in which the center-left – and the M5S – presented themselves divided, collecting resounding defeats practically everywhere, like that in the Ciriani fiefdom. Pordenone. Both sides also make it a point of pride to be able to govern in 2025, when Gorizia and Nova Gorica will be the European Capital of Culture, with global visibility and extraordinary investments both by the two governments concerned and by the European Union. Among the many civic candidates or local alignments who will battle on Sunday, Mario De Marco also stands out, for whom the leader of Italexit, Gianluigi Paragone, has personally bothered. The large fragmentation of the lists could favor an epilogue to the ballot.