Hotel bonus 2022: what is it, who is it for, requirements and how to apply. Correction and guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Tourism.

Hotel bonus 2022: what it is, who it is, requirements and how to apply

Hotel bonus 2022: what it is and how to apply

L’opening of the platform through which hotels and accommodation facilities will be able to submit applications to request the so-called hotel bonus 2022 has been postponed by a few days. With the measure, you can have access to a tax credit of 65%. The subsidy is aimed at all structures that have incurred expenses for renovations and energy and / or building upgrades, up to a maximum of 200 thousand euros.

According to reports from the Ministry of Tourism with a public notice dated May 27, 2022, it was communicated that the applications to access the bonus could be forwarded starting from 12:00 on Friday 9 June until 17:00 on Monday 13 June. However, on Tuesday 7 June, the Ministry of Tourism released a new public notice by changing the terms for submitting applications. Contrary to what was initially notified, in fact, these can be sent within a period of time included between 12:00 on Monday 13 June and 12:00 on Thursday 16 June 2022.

When completing the application, it is necessary to attach papers such as copying electronic invoices relating to expenses; copy of the account statement showing the debit and showing the amount paid with payment date and reason; copy of the documentation certifying the actual payment of the invoices; report with detailed description of the expenses incurred in total.

Who is entitled to, requirements and characteristics of the subsidy

All the information about the admitted expenses, requirements and beneficiaries of the 2022 hotel bonus are contained in the Inter-ministerial decree of last March 17.

The discount can be requested from existing accommodation facilities on 1 January 2012 and are recognized expenses incurred from 1 January 2020 to 6 November 2021. The maximum amount that can be recognized, on the other hand, is 200 thousand euros.

In relation to facilities that can apply for the bonuson the other hand, these include hotels, spas, agritourisms and outdoor accommodation facilities such as campsites, tourist villages or holiday parks.

The measure allows you to benefit from a tax credit of 65% compared to the expenses incurred. In this regard, they are allowed interventions such as extraordinary maintenance, building renovation, adoption of anti-seismic measures, restoration and conservative rehabilitation, purchase of furniture and furnishing components, elimination of architectural barriers, increase in energy efficiency. For the spasThe construction of thermal pools and the acquisition of other necessary equipment is also included.

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