Six aspiring auditors and just over 700 candidates for directors, distributed across 23 lists. After twenty years of government of the city almost uninterrupted prerogative of the center-right and of the outgoing Sergio Abramo, entrepreneur lent to politics, in office from 1997 to today, except for a parenthesis of the center-left that lasted only five years, the Calabrian capital is preparing to return to ballot boxes to elect a new first citizen and the new city council. And it does so at the end of an electoral campaign characterized by very bright and vibrant tones and made more spicy by the usual outline of controversy and twists, in the presence of many but not all of the big national party.

There are those who speak of a shattered political framework and of bewilderment in the electorate. Certainly, the clear split in the traditional center-right determined at the end of exhausting and unproductive summits and tables should not be overlooked. A split that saw and sees each other armed Forza Italia and Lega, on the one hand, welded together, albeit without party symbols, in support of the civic candidacy for mayor by Valerio Donato, professor of private law at the Magna University Graecia di Catanzaro, recently released from the Democratic Party slamming the door, and, on the other, Fdi in a solitary race, decided on a woolen thread, it seems, by the same national leader Giorgia Meloni, present with the party list and who is a candidate for mayor Wanda Ferro, deputy group leader in the Chamber, also supported by the outgoing Sergio Abramo. Donato, who rejects labeling and collocations speaking of “civism”, has on his 10 lists in which there is no shortage of historical militants of the left but also many outgoing center-right councilors: Alleanza per Catanzaro, Prima L’Italia, Riformisti Avanti, Catanzaro Azzurra, Italy in the center, Fare per Catanzaro, Catanzaro first of all, Progetto Catanzaro, Rinascita and Volare Alto. And outside the coalition choices, one of the bushes of the center-right is positioned, Noi conItalia, which instead supports Antonello Talerico, president of the Council of the Bar Association. The professional can count on five area lists: in addition to Noi con Italia, I choose Catanzaro, Catanzaro al Centro, Officine del Sud and Popular Action. The center-left deployment is decidedly more homogeneous, in which the union of Pd and M5s is celebrated under the banner of the wide field that is so dear to Enrico Letta and that the dem secretary also blessed during a recent visit to the city . The “Catanzaro laboratory” relies, as candidate for mayor, on Nicola Fiorita, professor of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Calabria. In his second attempt as a candidate for mayor, Fiorita, in addition to the contribution of dem and pentastellati (Giuseppe Conte has also spent in favor of his candidacy), can leverage five formations: Pd, M5S, Cambiavento, Mo ‘- Fiorita Mayor, Catanzaro Fiorita.

The picture is completed by Francesco Di Lieto, lawyer and national vice-president of Codacons, expression of the antagonist left, supported by the “Osiamo Insieme” list with presences attributable to Prc, solidarity and resistance in Calabria and Potere al Popolo, and Antonio Campo, entrepreneur, already close to Italexit by Gianluigi Paragone, supported by the “Catanzaro Oltre” list.

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