There are 28 out of 273 Tuscan municipalities that will go to the vote for the administrative on June 12: the main challenges are in the two provincial capitals, Lucca and Pistoia, and in Carrara (Massa Carrara). In Lucca there are seven candidates for the succession to Alessandro Tambellini: Francesco Raspini, 38, municipal councilor supported by Lucca Civica-Volt-Lucca is Popolare, runs for the center-left, Lucca is a great us, Pd, Lucca Futura, Sinistra con Lucca Civic Ecologist and Green Europe. For the center-right, with the support of Fdi, Lega, Fi-Udc, Lucca 2032, Center-right for Lucca, the entrepreneur Mario Pardini, 48, former president of Lucca Crea, an investee company that organizes Lucca Comics and games, introduces himself . With the lists Lucca seriously and Veronesi mayor, Alberto Veronesi, 57, son of Umberto Veronesi, conductor who was artistic director of the Puccini Festival, is running. In the running, with the lists for the Center-Right for Barsanti, Defend Lucca and Prima Lucca-Italexit con Paragone, also Fabio Barsanti, 41, outgoing municipal councilor who in 2017 was elected with CasaPound.

In Pistoia it ran to nine. The outgoing mayor Alessandro Tomasi, 43, tries an encore supported by the whole center-right: Fi, Fdi and Lega and two civic lists. Federica Fratoni, 49, regional councilor, former Tuscan councilor and former president of the Province of Pistoia, is the candidate of Pd, IV, Socialists, M5s and two civic lists. Francesco Branchetti, 58, a nurse, runs for the pole made up of the Ecologist Civic Left, Verdi and Prc. Carla Breschi, 66, former councilor of the Democratic Party, is supported by Prima Pistoia Italexit and Ancora Italia. In Carrara, on the other hand, the outgoing Francesco De Pasquale, the last of the M5s mayors remaining in the main cities of Tuscany, does not run for the second term. Center-right and center-left are fragmented. Fdi and Fi support Andrea Vannucci, while the League is lined up for Simone Caffaz. In the center-left Serena Arrighi is the candidate of Pd, Action Carrara, Sinistra Italia, Pri, Young Democrats, Ecological Civic Left, Green Europe and Volt. Cosimo Maria Ferri instead runs for Iv and Psi, while Rigoletta Vincenti is the candidate of M5s, Articolo Uno, Carrara Progressista and Prc. Among the electoral challenges also that in Forte dei Marmi (Lucca), in Versilia, where there are also two cousins ​​in the running: the outgoing mayor Bruno Murzi, candidate for a civic list, and the deputy Pd Umberto Buratti, former mayor between 2007 and 2012.

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