Completion of the post-earthquake private reconstruction and a decisive impulse in the public one; use of Pnrr funds for the share allocated by the State but above all of the complementary fund, of about 1.8 billion euros, reserved for the earthquake crater: on Sunday the municipal authorities of L’Aquila are at stake in the future of the city which, in the next five years, sees certain steps for the full economic and social rebirth after the tragedy of 13 years ago, with an extraordinary economic availability of about 5 billion. To which must be added the equally large national share of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

To play this unique card in the consultation for the renewal of the municipal council of the regional capital, the most important among the 49 municipalities to vote in Abruzzo, are four candidates for mayors: the first outgoing citizen and reappointed for the center-right, Pierluigi Biondi, (53 years old ), the deputy of the Pd Stefania Pezzopane, 62, at the head of the center-left coalition, the Abruzzo regional councilor of the civic list Legnini President, Americo Di Benedetto, (54), former Pd today leader of the civic group Il Passo Possibile, and Simona Volpe, (53), lawyer and private manager in a multinational, candidate of another civic list, Liber L’Aquila. A parterre, according to many, of absolute value and in this sense, not widespread in Italy, for a challenge that has a national significance: not surprisingly, practically all the big names in national politics have arrived in L’Aquila, from Giorgia Meloni to Enrico Letta and Matteo Salvini, exceptional made for the Five Star Movement, which supports Pezzopane, which in any case in the Abruzzo capital has never had a too consolidated tradition. Basically, at the political level in the most important municipality to vote in the regional territory, the Center-right is compact, an experience not widespread in the other centers, while the Center-left is divided since Di Benedetto was a candidate for mayor in the Pd share at the helm of the coalition that in 2017 lost the elections in the ballot against the then emerging Biondi, after having clearly won the first round with 47.7% compared to 35.84% of the center-right. The challenge in the electoral campaign was characterized by all in all sober tones with few jolts, also because the climate was influenced by the tragedy in the May Day kindergarten in the hamlet of Pile where on May 18 a Passat went wild breaking through the garden kindergarten by killing little Tommaso and wounding five.

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