After snatching them from the center-left in the 2017 elections, the center-right aims to confirm their mayors in the three Lombard provincial capitals who will go to the vote with a candidate who is an expression of every major party in the coalition: Giordano Molteni (Brothers of Italy) in Como, Dario Allevi (Forza Italia) in Monza and Sara Casanova (Lega) in Lodi are the favorites for next Sunday’s elections which will see the absence of candidates for mayor with the symbol of the 5 Star Movement. In a region where the center-left administers 7 of the 12 capitals, including the three most important cities, namely Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, it will therefore be important for the center-right not to lose ground thanks to unified candidates and little controversy. Only in Como, in fact, the choice of the name came after a not very simple path that led to the exclusion of the outgoing mayor Mario Landriscina ‘discharged’ by the provincial commissioner of Forza Italia Mauro Caprani and then to the withdrawal of the announced candidacy by the provincial coordinator of FdI Stefano Molinari with a very harsh letter against the League.

In the end, Giorgia Meloni’s party indicated Molteni, former head physician of the main city hospital, Sant’Anna, and the whole coalition decided to support him, while the center-left was unable to regroup, with two women candidates: Barbara Minghetti for the Democratic Party and Adria Bartolich, who was a deputy of the PDS and DS and now collects the votes of the far left electorate. Among the candidates of Agenda Como 2030 in support of Minghetti there was also Doha Zaghi, aka ‘Lady Demonique’, the protagonist of hot videos that Carlo Calenda then decided to remove from the list. Fabio Aleotti, outgoing councilor of the M5S, was not authorized to use the symbol and therefore will run for a civic list, while in Monza there was a grillina candidate, Elisabetta Bardone, but a month before the elections she gave up surprisingly. It will therefore be the candidate of the center-left Paolo Pilotto to oppose the outgoing mayor Dario Allevi who will try to be the first to be elected for two terms, which never happened in the city of Brianza. But after the historic first promotion of Monza in Serie A, Allevi is ready to challenge the cabal and stay for another 5 years at the helm of a municipality that, given its proximity, has clear connections with Milan, from the extension of the subway to the ‘mugged’ concert ‘by Bruce Springsteen.

Allevi’s identical goal is that of Sara Casanova, the first woman elected mayor of Lodi in 2017 and reappointed by the League without hesitation. Against her for the race at Palazzo Broletti there is a very young candidate of the center-left coalition extended to the 5 Star Movement: Andrea Furegato is only 24 years old and is the current provincial deputy secretary of the Democratic Party.