A political-electoral pact between a Forza Italia candidate and men very close to Totò Riina. This is the accusation of a flash investigation, opened and closed within a month, by the Palermo prosecutor’s office which led to the arrest of Pietro Polizziaspiring city councilor of the party of Silvio BerlusconiAnd Augustine Samson, brother of Gaetano, owner of the complex in via Bernini where Riina spent the last months before his arrest in 1993. The shadow of the Cosa Nostra then stretches over the urns of the Sicilian capital. And all this a few hours after the denunciation of Nicola Morra, former senator of the Five Star Movement today in the Mixed Group and president of the Anti-Mafia Commission: “Zero lists were delivered in time for the preventive work of checking. And we have to examine 19782 names of candidates: this is why we are proceeding with difficulty ”, he said only two days ago with a long video message.


Words that today seem almost premonitory. The Palermo investigation actually sheds a disturbing light on the municipal elections. Do you need to worry?
We should all be worried. Only now begins to worry who perhaps was in the world of fairy tales or fairy tales.

As mentioned, only a few hours earlier she had raised a not insignificant alarm. Is not having delivered the lists in good time a simple distraction, in your opinion?
Let’s say this: either a lack of intelligence or a lack of will.

Considering that we vote on Sunday, do you think it is impossible to find any unpresentables?
It would be the case that each party did not nominate or withdraw “unpresentable” in the meaning of the fruit above all of the teachings of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who really fought the mafias. However, if we adhere exclusively to the criteria of the code, we set the right limitations.

That the parties apparently do not always follow …

Unfortunately, we must note that political subjects are increasingly thinking about collecting and seeking votes rather than qualifying the origin of the votes they are trying to obtain.

At this point, how much chance is there that maybe some condemned will be elected?
The point is not of the condemned or not.

Meaning what?
The point is that in all probability subjects will be elected who will not erect the wall against certain worlds, certain environments, certain interests.

Don’t you think objectively paradoxical that even after your appeal or even more so after the Palermo investigation, the right-wing parties remained silent?
It emerged that the candidate in question (Pietro Polizzi, ed) in 2017 was present on a list of support to the mayor Leoluca Orlando Cascio. Therefore, if today the accusation must be addressed to Forza Italia, if this behavior were to emerge even earlier, a similar accusation should also be addressed to others.

So how do you get out of it?
The problem is transversalism. The problem is that all of them end up accepting certain collusions, certain acquaintances, certain neighborhoods in order to get votes. Certain votes should be kept away as much as possible.

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