Pd and M5s allied in Asti and Alessandria, divided in Cuneo in the electoral round of 12 June in Piedmont. Vote in 93 Municipalities of which 10 with more than 15,000 inhabitants, including the three provincial capitals where there are a total of 19 candidates for mayors. At the polls also for the renewal of the municipal council in Grugliasco and Chivasso, in the Turin area, Acqui Terme (Alessandria) , Mondovì and Savigliano (Cuneo), Borgomanero (Novara), Omegna (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola). Cuneo chooses the successor of Federico Borgna, mayor and president of the Province, from the center-left, who leaves the scene after two terms, leaves active politics and prepares for the race for the presidency of the CRC Foundation. The center-left has focused on Patrizia Manassero, 61, current deputy of Borgna and senator from 2016 to 2019, supported by 4 lists: Pd and three civics. The center-right ranks Franco Civallero, 71, a former manager and entrepreneur, with his first experience in politics, with 4 lists (one civic, Lega, FdI and Forza Italia-Udc). Giancarlo Boselli 60, a banker, deputy mayor and municipal councilor in 2002-2012 (formerly DS and Pd, now supported by the Independents list) is also in the running; Silvia China is the candidate of the 5 Star Movement, 67 years old, an engineer, now an opposition adviser; Luciana Toselli, 70, retired doctor, left opposition councilor, supported by three lists; Giuseppe Lauria, 61, labor consultant, supported by Popolo della Famiglia, Italexit con Paragone, Io Apro Vittorio Sgarbi). The seventh candidate is Juan Carlos Cid Esposito, 48, of Chilean origins in the running for (Party 3V, Vaccini Vogliamo Verità). Seven candidates for mayor also in Asti. The outgoing Maurizio Rasero (center-right) is aiming for a second term, his direct opponent is the doctor Paolo Crivelli, a center-left candidate with the support of a large coalition including the M5S. The two main competitors are challenged by the ‘Ora Asti’ list, led by the captain of the retired carabinieri Salvatore Puglisi: Action with Marco Demaria, ‘Ancora Italia’ with Maurizio Tomasini, Italexit with Chiara Chirio, The people of the family with Margherita are also in the running. Ruffino.

Race to 5, finally, in Alessandria. The outgoing mayor Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco (Lega) attempts the second term with the support of the center right, plus 3 Civics, including Libertas, which marks the return on the ballot paper of the crusader shield with 32 candidates and the former first list representative citizen Piercarlo Fabbio. Giorgio Abonante (Pd), minority councilor for the five-year period, and former councilor in the Red junta, runs in a Dem-M5S coalition, compacting the opposition forces in Palazzo Rosso with three progressive-inspired civics. To challenge them Giovanni Barosini, councilor of Cuttica, who resigned a few months ago – with the action of Calenda, plus three civic lists. Vincenzo Costantino, candidate of Italexit con Paragone, is also in the running; Angelo Mandelli for the People of the Family.

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