The Hour – Ink vs. Lead: the new fiction tells of real events in Sicily. At the heart of the story is the development of a communist newspaper that will start a battle against the Sicilian Mafia.

The Hour - Ink against lead: cast, plot, true story and previews of the TV series

The Hour – Ink versus lead: cast

A new Mediaset fiction arrives on Canale 5. The Hour – Ink vs. Lead airs in prime time from Wednesday 8 June 2022. The protagonist is the actor Claudio Santamaria who plays the editor of the newspaper Time.

In total there are 5 episodes that can also be followed in streaming on the Mediaset Infinity platform. There are also in the cast Silvia D’Amicopreviously seen in the series ‘A casa tutti bene’ by Gabriele Muccino; Tiziana Lodato (in the role of Silvia, the secretary of L’Ora); Maurizio Lombardi (in the role of Marcello, Nicastro’s right arm); Daniela Marra (who in the fiction on Canale 5 plays Enza, the only female journalist in the editorial office); Francesco Colella (the editor-in-chief Giulio); Giovanni Alfieri (Domenico); Secret Samuel And Giampiero De Concilio (respectively Dino and Nic, two ‘difficult’ brothers from Palermo who collaborate with the newspaper).

The Hour – Ink against lead: plot and true story

The series is freely taken from the book “Our Lady of Necessity” by Giuseppe Sottile (Einaudi, 2006). The plot is based on the story of “L’Ora”, a daily newspaper in Palermo founded by the Florio family at the beginning of the twentieth century. Taking its cue from events that took place between the end of the 50s and the early 60s, the series focuses on a crucial moment of the newspaper in its fight against the mafia.

So let’s start with facts really happened between the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties, years of struggle to the mafia. “Time it was a training ground for lively minds and courageous journalists who, led by their director, found the news, captured it and told it to the readers, exposing themselves in the first person, despite the hostility of the established power, conniving with the underworld for too long “.

The advances of the tv series

The first episode tells of Antonio Nicastro’s transfer from Rome to Palermo with his wife to direct the newspaper L’Ora, a newspaper of the Communist Party that is in a sales crisis and journalists fear being sacked. Therefore, the new director decides to follow a new line with a new editorial plan, freeing himself from party news. The journalists will focus on an investigation that recounts events that took place between Palermo and Corleone, whose leaders are linked to Dr. Michele Navarra, a very influential surgeon and godfather. Behind the old boss, however, a new mafia is pawing even more greedy and ruthless, represented by Luciano Liggio. For the first time in the newspapers the word Mafia is written and journalists will begin to fear retaliation against loved ones.

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