(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 08 – The Ascona-Locarno Leopard to Lifetime Achievement of the 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival (3 – 13 August) will be assigned to Costa – Gavras, “a director who with his films has been able to denounce openly injustices – explain the organizers of the festival -, tackling uncensored some of the darkest chapters of our history. The career of the Greek-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras, marked by two Oscars, a Golden Bear, a Palme d’Or and a jury prize at Cannes, as well as many other honors in major world festivals, “is a courageous probe of oppression and the distorted logic of power of all political hues. A call to collective responsibility that in this historical moment can only sound extremely topical “.

To the Greek-French director, author of masterpieces such as Z (1969), L’aveu (The Confession, 1970), Missing (1982), Hanna K.

(1983), the Ascona-Locarno Leopard for Lifetime Achievement will be awarded on the evening of Thursday 11 August, in Piazza Grande. On Friday 12 August at the @Spazio Cinema Forum, Costa-Gavras will converse with the public, who during Locarno75 will be able to review the two titles that started his career: Un homme de trop (Shock Troops, 1967) and Compartiment tueurs (The Sleeping Car Murders, 1965). The Leopard for career in Costa-Gavras “is a duty – underlines the director of the Festival Giona A. Nazzaro -. He is probably the filmmaker who most questioned the history of the twentieth century without ever being dazzled by ideologies. Defined as a ‘political filmmaker’, Costa-Gavras is above all an extraordinary author endowed with a portentous sense of form and style.

Costa-Gavras embodies a very noble idea of ​​cinema as a tool for advancement and knowledge that has never given up on dialogue with the public, always offering a genuine idea of ​​fun and entertainment. “(ANSA).