Classic alliances, new ‘loves’, but also painful divorces for the coalitions in some cities, and outsiders who try the blow: this is the general picture of Lazio at the administrative on 12 June, a test case also for the wide field Pd-M5s . Going to the vote in Sunday’s electoral round will be 53 municipalities including three provincial capitals, Frosinone, Rieti and Viterbo, where the center-left tries to re-propose the wide field of the council of the president of Nicola Zingaretti. In view of the regional 2023 the Pd alliance with the 5 Star Movement holds in almost all three capitals and in the most populous municipalities, while the center-right is united except in Viterbo where, after the early resignation of the force fighter Giovanni Arena , the outgoing mayor has decided to support with a list the candidate of the Democratic Party, Alessandra Troncarelli, who has also collected the support of the united center-left, including the M5s.

The Giallorossi alliance also holds in Frosinone, where the pentastellati run in fact with their own list for the dem candidate, Domenico Marzi. However, the attempt by the center-left to keep the field wide was not entirely successful in Frosinone. As an expression of a center pole, Mauro Vicano took the field. To support him a civic list and the party of Carlo Calenda, Action. Front united here for the right with Riccardo Mastrangeli. In Viterbo the Giallorossi alliance was born around the councilor of the Lazio Region Alessandra Troncarelli, with the exception of Italia Viva. There are 8 lists that support Troncarelli including that of the M5s. The field in Viterbo has expanded even more with the ‘exiles’ of Forza Italia with the ‘Viterbo Cresce’ list, led by the outgoing mayor Arena. Here the center-right was unable to find an agreement on the candidate: Fratelli d’Italia will support the current deputy mayor Laura Allegrini, while Lega, Forza Italia and Udc will support Claudio Ubertini. In Viterbo, Italexit also tries the race with Marco Cardona, a candidate who has proposed a sort of ‘new electronic lira’.

On the other hand, in Rieti the game became complicated for the left: the candidate Simone Petrangeli, former mayor, expression of the ecological civic Left area, had the support of the Democratic Party and obtained the support of the M5s which, however, will run without a symbol. The pentastellati here have in fact decided to give their support to Petrangeli with the civic list, ‘Rieti ConTe’, with an obvious play on words. Here Italia Viva continues to come out of the chorus by deciding to run for the center-right by supporting, with the ‘Rieti al Centro’ list, the candidate of the Brothers of Italy, Daniele Sinibaldi. The Pd-M5s axis is also replicated in the other municipalities such as Ardea, Cerveteri, Ciampino, Grottaferrata, Guidonia Montecelio and Ladispoli, while the Azzurri keep the coalition united in Cerveteri, Ciampino, Grottaferrata, Guidonia Montecelio. In Ardea as in Viterbo the Democratic Party has decided to support the M5s candidate Lucio Zito, current president of the city council. The outgoing pent-star mayor Michel Barbet is not re-nominated in Guidonia, and the Giallorossi thus focus on Alberto Cuccuru while the center-right fielded the 72-year-old Alfredo Masini.

The municipalities of Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo and Gaeta will go to the vote in the province of Latina, but the focus will be on the Pontine islands, especially in Ventotene, where, among others, the challenge between two parties at the antipodes is presented: the People of the Family, which sees the founder of the movement, Mario Adinolfi, and the list of the gay party, with the activist for LGBT + rights, Luca Vittori.

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