At the oral examinations, the graduates will wear the mask as required by the regulations but at the time of the interview they will be made to remove. “For the writings it is a question of respect to wear a surgical mask even for those with frailty – Cristina Costarelli, president of Anp Lazio, explains to ANSA -, for the oral ones it is a false problem: the candidate will be two meters away from the commission. We do not have a new anticovid protocol on exams; the previous ones are now outdated even by the end of the state of emergency. The candidate is therefore authorized while speaking not to wear a mask. We await written indications “.

“The president of the Commission decides whether the mask can be lowered during the oral exam. If you are far enough away, if there is a very large classroom, that’s fine, otherwise it could be a problem; it is the president who decides and must be respected. Ask your president: he will say yes or no and justify the choice. “Thus the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.

“I believe that young people who come from other contexts have the right to be put in the position of being citizens, it is a just and necessary achievement of democratic participation. Being citizens means being aware of belonging to a community, even if one is critical. I believe that many young people who may have different stories must have this opportunity. ” Thus the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi to

l Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, guest of During the interview she will try to dissolve the doubts and curiosities of the students about the exams that are now upon us and will explain how the school will change in the coming months. What news will the new school year bring? But there will also be space to talk about the Summer School Plan and other news on the hot topics of the world of education, as well as for the questions that the community will send in real time. There will be an interview with the Minister of Education Daniele Grassuccico-founder and director of, e Carla Ardizzonechief editor of

“We begin to think that the issue of masks receives too much attention: at the most it is a question of taking it two days to writing. If school buildings were liveable, equipped with air conditioning like all public offices, this problem would not exist. It is terrible that the school did not have this attention, given that the heat now suffers from May to September. And therefore always talking about a mask at school seems to be a subject of mass distraction compared to the real themes, ventilation and conditioning. of the air “, Costarelli continues. “In the past the candidate was authorized to remove the mask, the anticovid protocols of the past years are no longer valid, to date we have no protocol or obligation to keep the 2 meters distance that we will certainly keep: but the candidate is authorized to do not wear a mask while he will speak “, concludes the head teacher.

“It may be an option to consider the hypothesis of having the graduates keep the mask only for the writings and not for the oral ones: it would follow a little what happens in Parliament: deputies, senators and members of the Government wear it when they are seated at their place and lower it when called to intervene “. This was told to ANSA by the Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso della Lega. “But I wonder – he adds – what scientific bases there are in support. It seems to me more of a political compromise. Eminent virologists have repeatedly remarked that classrooms are not places of contagion: the greatest risks for children are before and after school,” so if in the pizzeria they can stay without it is not clear why they have to keep it in the classroom. Personally I would be to wear it only when turning in the corridors and in case of gatherings, but at the Ministry of Health they obviously have a foreclosure against the world of education: they removed the restrictions everywhere except at school. It seems clear to me that there is an ideological prejudice “, concludes Sasso.

“The evaluation is in progress”, replies the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to the question if after June 15th the masks will have to continue to be used on means of transport. “We must consider the pandemic still not over – continued Speranza -: in many countries for a few days, there is a curve that has begun to grow again and we must not consider that the game is over. We are not outside Covid, however all of this that we have, from vaccines to antivirals, allows us to say that we are in a different season “.

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