Kim Jong-un missingfor ten days the leader of North Korea has not appeared in public: what is happening in Pyongyang?

Kim Jong-un missing, North Korea's leader hasn't appeared in public for ten days: what's happening

Kim Jong-un missing, the North Korean leader has not appeared in public for ten days

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is missing again. As far as we know, the North Korean politician is totally gone from radar for about ten days. The mystery of Kim’s disappearance deepened the moment she jumped for the first time absolutely one meeting of the Politburo of the Workers’ Partywhich was held on Tuesday 7 June.

The absence of the leader still appears to be more anomalous in consideration of the fact that during the meeting they were “examined and approved important documents“.

Regarding the episode recently reported, they expressed themselves some political analysts who noted that Kim Jong-un’s absence at the Workers’ Party Politburo meeting may be motivated by the fact that the meeting was configured as a “pure formality”. Such an observation, however, does not explain why the leader is been missing for nearly two weeks.

What is happening, the fear of public opinion: is the North Korean leader sick?

On May 12, 2022, North Korea announced the national lockdown due to the violent wave of the Covid pandemic that has engulfed the country. As of this date, the North Korean leader has never been absent for as long a period of time as the one recently reported.

At the moment, no one is able to say where the politician is nor for what reason he decided to move away from the public scene. According to Nk Newshe may have gone to yours resort on the east coast as his mega yachts have always been on the move over the past few weeks.

In any case, the doubt that is really afflicting public opinion concerns the Kim’s health condition. It is feared, in fact, that it could be sick and, above all, can die suddenly wreaking havoc in North Korea. The hypothesis was neither confirmed nor denied while the attention of the United States of America, Japan and South Korea towards the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea shows no sign of abating. The launches of missiles by Pyongyang, in fact, make it extremely complex and delicate political dialogue between the North Korean government and foreign governments.

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