Research has been carried out on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, on the border between the provinces of Modena and Lucca, for a missing helicopter. The aircraft took off this morning around 10 from the airport of Capannori Tassignano (Lucca). They would be on board six foreign passengers – four Turks and two Lebanese – and an Italian pilot. It was headed to Castelminio di Resana, in the Treviso areasources from Roto Cart, a company specializing in the production of paper for domestic use, confirm this, because for three days the aircraft was commuting between Lucca and the Treviso area to bring some buyer in the company.

Overflight between Emilia and Tuscany to look for it there are a helicopter of the mountain rescue of Pavullo (Modena) and another means of search and rescue of the Air Force. These are areas of mountains and woods, rather inaccessible. Ground teams are also reaching the area. The searches they are coordinated by the prefectures of Modena and Lucca and civil protection is also in the field. They will stop at night, to resume in the morning.

The missing helicopter would be an Agusta Koala. The searches are carried out by the firefighters of Lucca and Modena who are patrolling the Apennine area. The area between Pievepelago and San Pellegrino in Alpe. This morning, according to reports from locals, the area has been affected by severe bad weather: rain storm, lightning and hail.

According to the owner of the Roto Cart, Giuliano Gelain, the aircraft he commuted twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, to bring the buyers to the company in Castelminio di Resana, where he should have arrived at 10.30. “I am convinced that it did not crash – Gelain told ANSA – otherwise, according to the technicians, an alarm signal would have gone off, which we have never received”.

The helicopter had been hired by Elettric80, manufacturer from Viano (Reggio Emilia) to bring its buyers to Roto Cart. Only two days ago the new plant that automates all stages of processing, from the handling of the paper parent reels to the storage of products in the warehouse, had been presented to the press . The line, created by the Emilian E80, allows the Venetian company, with 110 employees, 40 of whom in a paper mill owned in Lucca, to produce 30 thousand tons of items a year.

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