Someone conveniently calls them alarmists, explaining to us that pollution and climate change would be inventions to ruin the plans of the fossil lords. Yet not a day goes by in which recognized scholars do not warn of the environmental catastrophe that awaits us if the course is not corrected. A study by eleven researcher Aeneas published on Science Direct he tells us that “in 2050 the risk of mortality in the cities of Rome and Milan will be increased by 8% and 6% respectively”.

Pollution denial is intolerable

Pollution, if the course is not corrected, an environmental catastrophe awaits us

According to the scientists, the increase would be “the effect of a combination of rising temperatures due to climate change and the concentration of pollutants in the air, such as ozone and PM10”. Atmospheric particulate matter is recognized as a carcinogen and represents the first environmental cause of mortality: according to the WHO, the number of deaths from air pollution doubled from 1990 to 2019 reaching 4.5 million deaths, of which 92% due to atmospheric particulate matter and 8% for ozone.

According to the study, in the next decades the city of Rome could reach “591 deaths a year during the summer months (8% more than in previous decades) due to high temperatures and a concentration of tropospheric ozone (O3) above the limit value for damage to human health “. Even for Milan things will not go much better.

In Milan, however, according to the study, “it is estimated that mortality will be higher during the winter (1,787 deaths out of a total of 1,977, equal to 90%) due to the harsher climate, higher concentrations of PM10 (above the daily threshold of 50 μg / m3 fixed by the EU Directive on air quality) due to the higher combustion emissions and stagnant atmospheric conditions due to the geomorphology and location of Milan “.

In the light of the results obtained, the scientists reiterate “the urgent need to adopt more rigorous and integrated policies in terms of air quality and combating climate change”. One of the fundamental objectives must be “the containment of the increase in global average temperature below 1.5 ° C by 2100”, an operation that would allow “to reduce the number of deaths by 8 times in Rome and by 1.4 times in Milan compared to the period 2004-2015 “.

Already last September a study carried out by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change highlighted the risk of an increase in temperatures in Italian cities by 6 degrees by the end of the century, without adequate environmental policies.

Credibility now depends on the reliability and speed of the solutions

Can we say that denial on the subject is intolerable? Very good. Credibility now depends on the reliability and speed of the solutions. It is useless to be alarmed and sympathized with. Act well, act now. It is the great political issue of the present.

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