Witch Prize 2022seven finalists announced: it is the first time in the history of recognition there are more than five books in the final.

Premio Strega 2022, seven finalists announced: it is the first time in the history of recognition

Seven finalists announced: it is the first time in the history of recognition

For the first time in the history of recognition, the 2022 Strega Award reaches the final with seven finalist books rather than the classic five that has characterized it for years.

At the Roman Theater, in fact, the seven books have been announced and the authors who will compete with each other for the victory of the coveted prize, specifically, it is about Mario Desiati with Spatriate (Einaudi), 244 votes; Claudio Piersanti with That damned Vronsky (Rizzoli), 178 votes; Marco Amerighi with Stray (Bollati Boringhieri), 175 votes; Veronica Raimowith Nothing true (Einaudi), 169 votes. On an equal footing, then, there are Fabio Bacà with Nova (Adelphi) e Alessandra Caratiwith And then we’ll be safe (Mondadori), both 168 votes. And finally, Veronica Galletta with Nina on the embankment (minimum fax), 103 votes.

The decision was made by historical members of the jurycome on 183 readers afferent to Italian cultural institutes abroad and readers of Italian libraries. To vote, then, were also the pupils from over 100 schools which, on Tuesday 7 June, assigned the 2022 Strega Giovani Award to Veronica Raimo.

Witch Prize 2022: finalists, final and semifinalists excluded

As for the novel by Mario Desiati, Spatriate dominated the vote in the selection of the finalists of the Premio Strega 2022. The work of the writer has attracted public attention for months and his arrival in the final was judged almost unavoidable.

The winner of the coveted literary recognition established 76 years ago by Maria Bellonci and Guido Alberti (owner of the manufacturer of the Liquore Strega) will be announced on 7 July at the Ninfeo di Villa Giulia in Rome.

Among the dozen semi-finalists left out of the final, there are: Alessandro Bertante, Hit and run(Baldini + Castoldi), 159 votes; Jana Karšaiová, Velvet divorce (Feltrinelli), 124 votes; Daniela Ranieri, Updated roadmap of all my kisses (Ponte alle Grazie), 122 votes; Davide Orecchio, Open story (Bompiani), 112 votes; Marino Magliani, Lieutenant Dumont’s telescope (L’Orma), 57 votes.

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