Referendum June 12, 2022 yes or no: this is what happens if most Italians decide by vote for or against. Above all, what are the positions of the main political parties.

Referendum June 12, 2022, yes or no: the position of the parties

Referendum June 12, 2022, yes or no

On Sunday 12 June 2022, Italians are called to the polls to cast their vote on justice referendum. In this circumstance, citizens will vote on five questions by pronouncing favorable or contrary opinion.

Those who vote for yes intend to change the current law on justice while those who vote for no intend to leave the situation currently in force. To pass the referendum, a quorum of 50% +1 must be reached.

  • Who will vote yes for the first question (red ballot) will basically decide for the incandiability and prohibition to hold offices elective and government sentences resulting from definitive sentences for non-negligent crimes. Those who vote no, will leave the Severino law intact.
  • For the second question (orange form), he will comment on the modification of the precautionary measures it provides ‘elimination of the rule on the “repetition of the same offense” in the case of less serious offenses. Those who vote no will leave it to the judge to decide the precautionary measure in prison or house arrest for the suspect to avoid the danger of escape, even if they are less serious crimes.
  • For the third question (yellow card), those who vote yes, in practice, will leave the possibility of choosing at the beginning of their career whether to take the path of magistrate or prosecutor. Whoever votes will not allow the modification on the separation of the functions of the magistrates.
  • On the fourth question (gray card) it is decided who votes for participation of lay members to all resolutions of the Governing Council of the Court of Cassation and of the judicial councils. University professors and lawyers will also be given the opportunity to vote.
  • On the last question (green card), who votes is decided by the repeal of rules on the elections of the professional members of the High Council of the Judiciary. If the “yes” wins, you can submit your candidacy without having to find at least 25 signatures. Therefore, whoever decides for the yes, opposes the currents of the magistrates and political agreements at the basis of the candidacies.

The position of the parties

Waiting for the choice that the Italians who will go to the polls to express themselves on the justice referendum will make, here is briefly the position of the various political parties:

  • League: he promoted the referendum and therefore most are in favor of five yes.
  • Forza Italy: Yes to all five questions that according to Silvio Berlusconi are “fundamental” to reform the judiciary.
  • Brothers of Italy: Yes only to the three questions concerning the internal system, No to those on the Severino law and the limits to pre-trial detention.
  • Italy Viva: Yes to all five questions.
  • Action: Yes to all five questions.
  • M5S: No to all five questions.
  • Democratic party: . Enrico Letta has made it known that he will vote No to all the questions because “they would open more problems than those they want to solve” but he still leaves the doors open for those who want to vote differently in the party.

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