At 21.10 in Verona, peace ‘breaks out’ between Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini. The Northern League leader takes the stage of the event in support of the outgoing mayor, Federico Sboarina, and interrupts the intervention of the leader of the Brothers of Italy by embracing her. Then, together with Sboarina himself and the Venetian president, Luca Zaia, the two are photographed against the background of the festive square.
“In their face”, said Meloni, hugging Salvini once he resumed and finished his speech, facing to the left. “Since they said we would be like Romeo and Juliet, I guarantee we will not end up in the same way,” Salvini retorted shortly after.
A sign of cohesion between the two, who in recent days at a distance had clashed over the supremacy and rules between the forces of the center-right. A numerical supremacy that precisely in Verona could tip the scales in favor of Fdi, also given the passage of Sboarina from the civic list to the party of Meloni, which has become its main sponsor, in the Veneto which is the League’s ‘kingdom’ with Luca Zaia .
However, Matteo and Giorgia gave the impression of getting along in love and in harmony. “I want to read the headlines and the controversies in the newspapers, we are here and as beautiful as the sun”, said Salvini.
In Verona the ‘iron pact’ between Lega and Fdi was therefore re-signed in support of the re-election of Sboarina, but in the city there is great concern about the tear of Forza Italia, which has opted to support the former mayor – and former Northern League – Flavio Tosi, still very popular on the banks of the Adige.
Without making a direct reference to the former ally Tosi, Meloni still invited the Veronese to “exercise democracy in a conscious way. Don’t be fooled, here there is only one vote that defeats the left, and that is the one given to Federico Sboarina” .
Shortly before speaking, the leader of Fdi reiterated: “we do not have a plan B with respect to alliances. For us the center-right is fundamental. Clearly, for a coalition to be competitive, strong and credible, it needs rules, it needs pride,” it needs clarity about the future. That’s what I asked for. “
“The center-right is compact, this is the goal with some clear ideas. We are proud of who we are and we are not afraid of anyone”, Salvini replied from the stage.