Caso Shalabayeva, tutti assolti in Appello a Perugia

There is also the former Questore of Palermo Renato Cortese among the defendants acquitted by the Court of Appeal of Perugia for the Shalabayeva case. The Court of the Umbrian capital fully acquitted the defendants accused of kidnapping for the irregularities related to the repatriation of Alma Shalabayevathe wife of the Kazakh dissident Mukhtar Ablyazov expelled, in 2013, to Kazakhstan together with her daughter Alua and then both returned to Italy.

Shalabayeva case, all acquitted on appeal in Perugia

The trial concerned the alleged kidnapping of the wife of the Kazakh dissident Ablyazov, Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter Alua

In addition to the former head of the Rome mobile squad, Cortese, the then director of the immigration office of the Rome Police Headquarters was also acquitted, Maurizio Improta. Also acquitted Luca Armeni, Francesco Stampacchia, Vincenzo Tramma And Stefano Leoniall police officers who had been convicted in the first degree.

The disputes also fell for the former justice of the peace, Stefania Lavore, also acquitted with the same formula of the crime of ideological falsehood. The Court of Appeal also confirmed for her the acquittal already arrived in the first instance with respect to the kidnapping.

“It is a page of great justice. Certainly happy with the outcome of the process. At the same time it proves that – the lawyer told Adnkronos Ester Molinaro that together with professor Franco Coppi defends Renato Cortese -, as we have always maintained, the trial against Dr. Cortese should never have started. The acquittal because the fact does not exist completely eradicates the accusatory system ”.

The Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini he welcomed with “great satisfaction the sentence of the court of appeal of Perugia which recognized the correctness of the conduct of the members of the State Police” in relation to the Alma Shalabayeva affair. The defendants have all been acquitted by the Perugia Court of Appeal.

The story dates back to the night between 28 and 29 May 2013, when Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter were taken by the police from their home in Casalpalocco. The agents were looking for her husband, the Kazakh dissident Muktar Ablyazov, but the woman was charged with possessing a false passport. Two days later, after her expulsion was signed, she was repatriated along with her daughter Alua. The woman and her daughter then returned to Italy and in April 2014, Shalabayeva was granted political asylum.

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