First the brutal murder of his ex-wife, then that of his current partner and finally the suicide. The slaughter performed by Zlatan Vasiljevic in Vicenza it may seem an unpredictable gesture but perhaps things are different. Indeed, the hypothesis is being made that this massacre could have been avoided. To say so, during an interview with The Republicis Daniele Mondellothe companion of Lidia Miljkovicthe woman killed last Wednesday by Vasiljevic who then, in his murderous fury, also killed Gabriela Serrano with whom the man was having an affair.

Anger mounts over the release of the Vicenza killer, but with the referendum there are also those who want to limit pre-trial detention


“I would like judges and social workers to come to Lidia’s funeral and take a good look at that coffin” thundered Mondello, pointing the finger at the magistrates. The man, recounting the woman’s ordeal, believes that the sad ending of the story could have been avoided: “There was no lack of precedents, complaints, reports. Nobody lifted a finger to keep that person away ”.

With hindsight and according to Mondello’s account, who explained that Vasiljevic “after leaving his cell, he was also revoked the prohibition of approaching” because “for them he was a good person”, Lidia’s seems to be the chronicle of an announced and therefore avoidable death.


It is a sad story that must make everyone think. Today, in fact, we live in a country where it is still possible to complain about a release from prison which – rightly or wrongly – we consider unfair. But in some time, with the possible Yes to the second question which aims to limit the application of precautionary measures, all this could become a distant memory. Yes, because those who commit crimes that are anything but secondary – including stalking – may not end up in the cell.

Or rather, in the face of a situation of objective danger, a criminal could be stopped by the judicial authority but the procedure, according to what experts say, would end up running aground already in the validation phase.


That the risk is this can be seen from the question put forward by Matteo Salvini who has abandoned the role of the sheriff to wear those of the guarantor. Moreover, it is undeniable that issuing a precautionary measure, with the Yes to the question, would become very complicated. This is because the risk of repetition of the crime as a valid reason for issuing the order would disappear.

Pre-trial detention which could be recognized as necessary only in cases where the danger of escape is detected, which can be defused by removing the documents for expatriation, and the probative pollution which is extremely difficult to prove. It may seem a minor problem or in any case not such as to paralyze the work of the prosecutors but it is not.

Data in hand it is evident that today almost all precautionary measures are granted on the basis of the repetition of the crime. For this reason, by repealing this requirement, the result will be a substantial free all.

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