There are 18 candidates in Sunday’s administrative elections considered “unpresentable” by the Anti-Mafia Commission, according to the self-regulation code of parties and the Severino law. A list completed a few hours after electoral silence, the result of the Commission’s scrutiny, with the help of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate, prosecutors and courts. And just as the last checks were being carried out in Rome, news arrived from Palermo of the arrest of another candidate, Francesco Lombardo of the Brothers of Italy. In any case, he would have been “very presentable”, underlined the president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, Nicola Morra. Instead, there are four candidates in Palermo in the “black list”, three for the center-right and one for the Democratic Party, Totò Lentini, Giuseppe Milazzo, Francesco La Mantia, and Giuseppe Lupo. Many are in other capitals, and not only in the South: also in Piacenza, Verona and Gorizia. A candidate for mayor, Mauro Vicano, from a civic list, was also identified as unpresentable in Frosinone.

A fact underlined by Morra: “Whoever made the lists could have been more prudent”. Some situations that have emerged “are embarrassing”. Extortion, money laundering, corruption, extortion are some of the crimes charged against unpresentable candidates, the number of which is exactly double compared to the previous election last autumn, but there are also many more candidates screened 19,782 (they were 12 thousand last time) in 57 municipal councils, 4 regional capitals (Genoa, L’Aquila, Catanzaro and Palermo) and 22 provincial capitals in 14 regions. “The things that took place in Palermo sadden”, said Morra, noting among other things that the two candidates Lombardo and Polizzi would have been “very presentable” because the Commission’s scrutiny is based on “legal criteria”. “The parties that had unanimously voted on the possibility of submitting their lists in advance to the Anti-Mafia Commission, in order to clean them of any unpresentable ones, unanimously decided not to use this tool – Morra warned -. And now it’s the voters. those who will have to select, distinguish and possibly censor “. After Lombardo’s arrest, the candidate for mayor in Palermo for the center-right Roberto Lagalla asks the parties “to resign from those who may be elected, who appear to have ties with the Cosa Nostra. If this does not happen, I will resign”.